Seniors for Seniors Program

Imagine a senior pet, once dumped by their family with no hope of ever making it out of a pound alive, living out their golden years in a place full of love and laughter, with room to roam and stretch, where ear scratches and belly rubs know no bounds.

Giving a second chance to an older animal can be rewarding, for both of you.Older pets have plenty to offer adopters – not the least of which is love. Adult dogs often times live harmoniously with humans and other animals. They are usually trained and don’t chew or scratch on everything in sight.

Much like us, when a dog gets to their ‘Golden Years’ they are looking to share quite moments, calm surroundings, not to mention that their relatively calm demeanor and less intense exercise needs make them perfect for a senior’s lifestyle.

Another plus to adopting a senior animal is that you get what you see. The mature size of the animal is already known when you look at him/her and you will usually know about any behavior challenges or health considerations before the adoption. In other words, there are no surprises with a senior animal.

This is the philosophy behind Rocky Mountain Cocker’s Seniors for Seniors program. The idea of a dog that has given unlimited love, devotion, and even its youth to a family, does not deserve to be abandoned because of its age. Many times we see senior dogs left behind while their family moves on. These dogs deserve a second chance at love, life and happiness. YOU can make a difference, YOU can save a life.

Give a second chance to a fellow senior. You’ll both be better off for it.

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