Roxy and Max

The rescue and rehabilitation…In May 2012 a shelter in Southern Colorado contacted us to see if we would accept a bonded pair of small Cockers who had lived their entire lives in a backyard without much human interaction. They were terrified in the shelter and, since they were not house-trained, they did not appeal to anyone looking to adopt.

They arrived in Denver at the end of May. Both dogs wanted so desperately to be loved right from the start, but were so very frightened of people and everything around them. It was obvious no one ever considered them as members of the family; they had been “lawn ornaments” in their previous lives.

First, they had to learn house manners. Crate training was the easy part – they literally ran into a crate and cuddled together all night long. House training was trickier, but they got the hang of it over time with a lot of love and patience. They both had very bad dental disease, but after that was fixed, they could finally eat without pain.

Due to their fear of deep-voices and men in general, their foster mom Kathryn Glass knew the hardest part would be to find a family who would adopt both dogs and help them through their final transition as beloved, indoor family members. Not too many people want to adopt 2 dogs at once, let alone 2 dogs that were frightened of everyone and everything! We needed a small miracle to end this story and it happened 3 months after Max and Roxy arrived.

The happy ending…One Saturday morning at a local Petco, our family found a forever friend times two.   We saw them as soon as we entered the store…Max hiding behind a table and Roxy with big brown scared eyes…adorable!  Their timid, worried nature told us right away that they had not been around people much, but it only made us love them more.  Slowly, Max crept toward us, wanting us to pet him but unsure about being so close.  Roxy kept her distance, patiently putting up with our attention.  We sat on the floor with them for hours, hoping to calm their fears.  By the time we left the store we were in love.

One week later, we brought them to our home.  We were so excited to have these two sweet bundles, and they were scared to death to be with us.  Getting used to a busy house with two teenage boys (and their friends) was no small feat.  Nor was getting used to most everyday things.  All it took was a sudden movement… a dropped shoe, a new face… to send them skittering away.  Just about everything was frightening to them, and there were days when we wondered if they would ever feel at home.  Slowly, they came around…Max first and then Roxy.   Everyday they became a little more trusting, a little more playful, a little more comfortable with the attention we gave them.   We found that they love being scratched behind the ears, the attention of little kids, rolling in the grass, following the hamster ball around, and eating various items that are found in school backpacks.  We found that they don’t really care for dog toys, deep voices, cats, and going outside in the rain or snow.  We found that we just love them, and finally, ten months later, they love us too.

- Teresa, Sam, & Ben