RMCR Helps “Nurse Trixie” Find a Home

Gentleness, kindness, and caring entered my life in the form of a parti-colored rescue cocker spaniel named Trixie. I first saw her on the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue website and immediately called my wife over to share and look at this wonderful dog. Within the week I completed the adoption application, tidied the house for our home visit from Trixies’s foster mom, and welcomed Trixie into our home.

Trixie was rescued from a puppy mill. She was a puppy mill “mama” and it seemed she was used to be being still and not having much control over her life situation. This provided her with a very accepting attitude. She was willing to be picked up and held anytime and seemed to appreciate any attention she received.

Our new pet seemed to bring out kindness in those around her. We had a party at our home and there were two very young children present. Trixie was lying on the couch and the children were drawn to her. Instead of the usual roughhousing I have seen children exhibit toward a dog they were naturally very gentle with her. Good parenting combined with a gentle-spirited dog helped to create a wonderful evening for all. 

Trixie now has an official “job.” We visit patients and staff at Porter Adventist Hospital weekly. She inspired me to seek information about animal behavior therapy, to have her participate in some basic command training, and to have her tested by a qualified vet for behavior and attitude.

I knew she would do fine with the vet and looked forward to our visit. When the veterinarian assistant said she would take Trixie back for her test I felt like a father sending my child into kindergarten for the first time. I was so relieved when Trixie appeared a short while later having passed with flying colors.

Trixie is a wonderful addition to our household. She gets along well with our other Cocker Spaniel and visiting family and friends. Her gentle demeanor affects my wife and I as she joins one of us on our laps or simply lays calmly on the ottoman. Trixie is calm and so are we.

— Ron & Mary