RMCR enriched our family

I previously had a Cocker Spaniel from Atlanta. He was my best friend for 13 years but we lost him to inoperable cancer in 2007. It was a year before we could get another dog. Fearing we would compare any new dog to him, we got a beagle. He is loving and very precocious. It was obvious he needed a friend so we decided to find him a “sister.”

We decided to contact the RMCR. They were incredibly professional and thorough. The effort by these volunteers to work on a true match for both the dog and the family was impressive. I worked with 3 separate volunteers to find this perfect addition to our family. They visited our house and visited with our family. I cannot express my appreciation for the effort they made to find a great match. It is not about finding any home for the dog – it is about finding the right, safe and loving home for the dog. These animals have often been through so much and they deserve the best homes. RMCR volunteers are all about doing the right things for the animals and it is great! They expend the time and energy into what is in the dog’s best interest.

Bella (f/k/a Lulu – and she is not a “Lulu”) was terribly malnourished. It was 3 months before the foster family and RMCR thought she could even be considered for adoption. But they were willing to let our family (and Tiger the beagle) meet her at an adoption event. They were instant friends. The day we brought Bella home – she made herself an instant part of the family. She and Tiger cuddle together daily. Bella usually let’s Tiger think he is the Alpha, but when he oversteps his bounds he knows it, he stops what he is doing and licks her eyes.

Bella is truly our little princess. We tell her so every day and now, almost 4 years later, she acts as if she knows it. She is a beautiful and loving dog that deserved a home where she is adored and appreciated it. If it wasn’t for RMCR, its volunteers and its efforts, we never would have found her. They do what needs to be done for every dog that they find. Their volunteers work selflessly for these little bundles of unconditional love.

— Pat & Karen W.