Whizzer 14-090

Puppy, 1 year old
Adoption Fee:

Despite his name, this beautiful boy is fully house-trained. He currently spends up to 9-hrs, 5 days a week, confined in a large room and has never had an accident since arriving.

Whizzer is a 7-year old Sable & Tan male Cocker Spaniel who is a happy, affectionate, fun loving 7-year old. He likes playing with his ball, tugging on his rope, and getting nice belly rubs. He loves to jump up and sit on the “dog bench” we have in the front window and looking out with his foster brother. He either sleeps in his doggy bed or in his human’s bed completely thru the night. He came from a loving family who taught him wonderful house manners.

He loves going to the park sniffing all the smells. He whimpers with excitement when he sees another dog as he wants to meet them, hoping they will play with him. He is friendly with dogs of all sizes, but because he is so anxious, he needs to be introduced slowly. He walks well on a leash if you like going for brisk walks. He also does well meeting humans of all ages.

He rides well in a car whether it’s in a kennel or on the seat. He is calm and is not bothered by noises or motion. He appears to listen to you – he will cock his head and gets that inquisitive look in his eyes. He responds to his name and basic commands, such as “come” and “no”. His fosters are teaching him “sit”, “stay”, and “leave it” and is making quick progress.

If not already, Whizzer will be micro-chipped, neutered (if age appropriate), and up-to-date on his shots prior to adoption. If you would like to meet Whizzer to see if he is a good fit for your home, please fill out an Adoption Application online.

• We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any dog. We depend on licensed vets and other professionals to provide the best determination, unless the dog arrived with written documentation.

• Puppies not spayed/neutered at the time of adoption due to age will require a $50 refundable sterilization deposit in accordance with Colorado Code of Regulations 8 CCR 1201-11: Part 19-J.

• We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the well-being of the dog.