Buffy M


Senior, 9 years old
Adoption Fee:
Colorado Springs, CO

House-Trained, Leash-Trained, Rides Well in Car, Obedient, Affectionate, Good for Seniors, Good with Children of all ages, Good with Other Dogs

Buffy is a gentle, affectionate soul. He loves attention whether it's a pat on the head or an ear scratch. Sometimes, he will follow his foster family around the house to see what’s going on. Other times, he'll simply wander to explore alone. Buffy loves to lay in your laps or next to you on the sofa in the evening. He is very well behaved.

He and his Cocker-foster brother are home alone for Mon-Fri for up to 9 hours while the family is at work. They act like they’ve known each other for years. Buffy has not had any potty accidents in the house or chewing on no-no’s. When the family gets home from work, everyone goes outside and Buffy excitedly runs around the back yard. Buffy eats next to his foster brother and shows no food aggression.

Buffy l-o-v-e-s going to the park. He greets everyone with calm enthusiasm, regardless if they are large or small, have two or four legs. He really enjoys his car rides, sometimes sticking his head out the window, or just laying down.

He arrived with very minimal training, but his foster dad has been working on sit, stay, and leave it. He is very eager to please. Buffy has been heard wining a bit when the adults leave for work, so a home with another dog or someone who is home most often would be a great fit for Buffy.

If not already, Buffy M will be micro-chipped, neutered (if age appropriate), and up-to-date on his shots prior to adoption. If you would like to meet Buffy M to see if he is a good fit for your home, please fill out an Adoption Application online.

• We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any dog. We depend on licensed vets and other professionals to provide the best determination, unless the dog arrived with written documentation.

• Puppies not spayed/neutered at the time of adoption due to age will require a $50 refundable sterilization deposit in accordance with Colorado Code of Regulations 8 CCR 1201-11: Part 19-J.

• We reserve the right to refuse an adoption to any person for the well-being of the dog.