Adult, 7 years old
Adoption Fee:
Denver, CO

House-Trained, Leash-Trained, Rides Well in Car, Lap Dog, Obedient, Playful, Timid/Shy, Eager to Please, Good for Seniors, Apartment Appropriate, Needs a Companion Animal, Good with Cats, Good with Other Dogs

Gertrude “Gertie” is a cute, loving seven-year-old female Cocker Spaniel. She comes to RMCR from Kansas, and is up-to-date on her shots. Gertie is quiet, very shy, and wants to be with her family/owner at all times. One of her more adorable traits is how she likes to snuggle and cuddle with you when you are passing out head scratches and tummy tickles. Gertie has adapted to her crate, and is willing but reluctant to go in during the day. She will bark a little when she is left behind. It is telling that she has taken ownership of a doggie bed outside of the crate. Gertie has adapted well with the other animals in her foster home, getting along well with two Cocker Spaniels and two younger cats. She likes to kiss the cats, and is eager to see what they are doing. Gertie’s wagging tail is evidence of her excitement when she is checking on the cats. The oldest cat is not afraid of Gertie, and he often goes to her when she is sleeping in the doggie bed in the dining room.

Gertie is great on walks, walking in step to the left with a very nice heel behavior. She has demonstrated a little anxiety when meeting other people and dogs. Gertie really likes going for rides, and is always up front watching outside. She will stick her head out the window from time to time, and is curious about people in other cars. Gertie likes to sleep when on longer rides, preferring the front seat if available.

Gertie’s biggest challenges are her need to be with her owner all the time (she gets under foot easily), a lack of understanding common commands, and a need to get better at her house-training. She has made progress in all three areas. Gertie has begun to learn how to ‘stay out of the kitchen’ on command, will sit most of the time, and will go to an available bed when told to lie down. She does better with her house-training when she is on a regular schedule, and is getting good at going on command when outside. Gertie still has accidents several times a week, but this is an improvement over her first week with her foster. Gertie will need time and a loving hand and home to help her get better.

If not already, Gertrude will be micro-chipped, spayed (if age appropriate), and up-to-date on her shots prior to adoption. If you would like to meet Gertrude to see if she is a good fit for your home, please fill out an Adoption Application online.

• We cannot guarantee the age and breed of any dog. We depend on licensed vets and other professionals to provide the best determination, unless the dog arrived with written documentation.

• Puppies not spayed/neutered at the time of adoption due to age will require a $50 refundable sterilization deposit in accordance with Colorado Code of Regulations 8 CCR 1201-11: Part 19-J.

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