Barchie H


Senior, 12 years old
Adoption Fee:

House-Trained, Crate-Trained, Hearing Impaired, Vision Impaired, Leash-Trained, Rides Well in Car, Lap Dog, Timid/Shy, Affectionate, Eager to Please, Good for Seniors, Apartment Appropriate, Not good with Cats, Not good with Children under age 5, Good with Other Dogs

Howdy! My name is Barchie, and I come from the big ol’ state of Texas! I’m a happy, dapper little guy. Life is great, and I am excited to get out and see, um, smell it! My eyesight is pretty poor so I can’t find you on my own very well. My hearing isn’t so great either … Just give me a little tap when you want my attention, or a little brush on my back. Mostly I just like to sit around, and the best place is on your lap or right beside you. I love sleeping on a big soft bed, and I will try to leave you some room, BOL! I like riding in the car, but I get worried that we are going someplace bad. Just give me a little love and help me know everything is ok. Walks are great, I like being outside. Be warned, though, my MO is to just amble along beside you, sniffing and sniff some more. And I’m a real southern gentleman, no pulling on my leash. No barking either. When you are gone for a while, I get so excited when you come home, I dance and run around like a crazy man! My foster mom says I am pretty darn cute, especially in my snow sweaters. I made a big milestone for Thanksgiving, I went down the stairs all by myself! Those steep stairs are scary when you can’t see ‘em… My foster ‘pack’ and I get along great. I’ve met a couple of neighborhood dogs and everyone was nice and polite. The kiddos in the neighborhood love my soft brown fur, they are real gentle because they know I’m an older guy. Plus Ma helps them to be nice. I don’t know why my last people left me, but Ma says she will work hard to find me a wonderful new and forever family. Would that be you?

Foster Mom says, Barchie is a sweet, happy and loving little (16 lbs) guy. A real ham, too! He does have severe separation anxiety but we are working on that, and he is getting much better now that he feels secure. Going down the stairs was HUGE. We’ve been working hard on that as well, but any new home he goes to with stairs he will need help and encouragement for a while. Barchie may also need some time to get acclimated to a new home; where the furniture, walls and doors are. He is kind of a picky eater, but at 12, I guess he knows what he likes! Dealing with chronic ear issues. He loves having his chin, armpits and belly rubbed. Barch still associates any car ride with either the vet, or being dumped. Once he realizes it’s a ‘good’ ride, he calms down and sits quietly.

If not already, Barchie H will be micro-chipped, neutered (if age appropriate), and up-to-date on his shots prior to adoption. If you would like to meet Barchie H to see if he is a good fit for your home, please fill out an Adoption Application online.

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