Microchip Information

Many microchip companies will waive ownership transfer fees if you adopted your dog from RMCR. Please inquire with each one – remember to submit a COPY of your RMCR adoption contract when transferring ownership.

24 Pet Watch: 1-866-597-2424
24PetWatch Website

AVID or PetNet: 1-800-336-2843
Avid/PetNet Website:  A transfer form must be submitted along with a copy of the adoption contract.

Home Again: 1-888-466-3242
Home Again Transfer Form:  Owner must complete a transfer form and submit it along with a copy of the adoption contract by mail, email or fax. The transfer fee is waived if owner indicates the dog was adopted through RMCR. Please omit credit card/payment info on form.

PetLink: PetLink@petlink.net
PetLink Transfer Form

Lookup the distributor of a Microchip Number
Microchip Lookup Website