Heartworm Basics

If your dog has tested positive for Heartworms, please click on the two links below by the American Heartworm Society to learn more about treatment:

Heartworm Treatment Guidelines

Heartworm Treatment Protocol

Home Care for Dogs Being Treated for Heartworm Disease

The most important thing for a dog being treated for heartworm disease is complete rest. Strict confinement is essential during the heartworm treatment period and for at least one month following the last injection.

During the recovery period, embolism of dying worms is a major concern. This means that the dying worms cause obstructions in the blood vessels in the lungs. Exercise increases the risk of embolism, thereby increasing the risk of serious side effects.

Any medications your veterinarian has sent home with you should be given as directed. If your dog starts to cough, has nosebleeds, develops a fever or is acting abnormally otherwise, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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