Mr. Magoo

Here’s a story of a cute little dog named Mr. Magoo told  by his foster family. He left his home and went astray. He felt like a misfit as no-one quite knew what he was, but he knew exactly what he was looking for… the perfect forever home. He started out at the rescue headquarters where he got a new hairdo and met a lot of nice other dogs looking for a home. Shortly after that, he moved into his foster home where he showed how much he loved kids and other dogs and most importantly that he loved to snuggle. He loved to wrestle with his 50lb furry foster sister, but was a bit annoyed that she could pin him with her paw and he couldn’t really do much about it. Magoo’s foster mom made a list of what his perfect home would be – kids, activity, a dog his size that loves to play, someone to throw balls, and lots of love and tender care. Well, Magoo began playing with the neighbor Bischon, Maxwell. They were perfect playmates. Maxwell and his family quickly fell in love with Mr. Magoo. While Mr. Magoo had been out at Adoption Fairs meeting new potential families, he knew that he already found his. Then it dawned on his foster mom that yes, Maxwell’s family had everything Magoo would ever want. Maxwell’s family waited as patiently as possible to get the news that Magoo would be their new baby boy. So, Mr. Magoo’s scary start on the streets, ends with a very, very happily ever after as he settles into his new home with 3 loving human sisters, a big “twin” brother and permanent live-in playmate, and two awesome parents to make sure he never has to feel like a misfit again.

To be continued by his forever family…