Molly and her Ball

This is the story of a beautiful black cocker named Molly.  She is approximately 3 years old but still has a lot of puppy energy in her.  She loves to play with all her toys.  Her favorite is her ball so we play Molly Ball every day.  She has a private trainer who has helped her with some of her fears and anxieties.  She loves to train.  She goes to daycare twice a week so she can play with other dogs and meet new people.  She loves it.

In the beginning, Molly seemed shy and insecure.  That didn’t last long when she found her new home and got the love she needed.  She is smart, strong willed, independent, and has a mind of her own.  At the same time she is also very loving, sensitive, and sweet.   Molly still has her tail.  It goes non-stop all day long.

Molly is an absolute gem.  She brings great joy and happiness not only to me but to everyone she meets.  Thank you, cocker rescue.

-Sally H