Can you believe it?  Cute little Muppet (as RMCR called her) was found wandering the streets of Adams County.  She was picked up by law enforcement and put in their pound.  Weeks went by yet no one came to claim her, so she was picked up by RMCR.

The Christmas before, Elaine had lost her beloved 14 year old Cocker to cancer.  She had been searching the rescue sites online, but wasn’t convinced her heart could handle another dog.  Then she saw Muppet on the RMCR site and knew she was the one.  She rushed to fill out an application, only to find that Muppet was already taken.  Sadly Elaine began looking at some of the other available dogs.  Then she got word that two possible adoptions had fallen through, and she could go pick up Muppet if she wanted her.

Well, she did go, and by the time they got home, they were already bonding.  Millie (her new name) is affectionate and gentle.  When Elaine comes in from work, she wiggle and jumps high in the air, practically doing a back flip in excitement.  Millie started off shy and hesitant, but is gaining self-confidence daily.  She especially loves balls, walking, and any time she spends with Elaine’s grandchildren.  Everyone who meets her remarks on how sweet and beautiful she is.

A quote from Elaine – Sometimes I hear my granddaughter talking to Millie, she says “Millie you’re my best friend!”