Luca the Love Bug

Luca was originally given as a present to an older couple in Wyoming. When he was almost a year old they’d decided that he was too rambunctious and energetic for them and they wanted to get rid of him. Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue…to the rescue!

I had owned another Cocker Spaniel, named Beauregarde, for almost 9 years. He developed Canine Lymphoma, and ultimately I had to have him put down in 2001. It was the single most heartrending decision I’ve ever had to make. Afterwards, I decided to take a break from dog ownership to let my heart heal. When I moved to Denver in 2004, I moved into a building that did not allow pets, so dog ownership would have to wait. In 2009 I moved into a new place and could own a dog again. At the time, I was volunteering at Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital and saw firsthand how many loving animals were looking for Forever homes. I did some research and came upon Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. I gave them a call. I was pretty specific about what I was looking for: a male, Black & Tan American Cocker, no more than 3-4 years old (I know….there are lots of older dogs out there, but I felt my heart couldn’t take losing another pet in just a few short years.)

I was told that I was being pretty particular in my wants (guilty as charged), and that it would probably be a while before the Rescue had something for me, so I should sit tight and they’d call me when a match became available. A bit disappointed, I resigned myself to being dog-less for the foreseeable future….

THREE DAYS LATER I received a call from the Rescue! They had just received a dog that matched my wants EXACTLY! That little pup from Wyoming needed a Forever home, and I had found a forever companion. We were destined for each other.

Luca turned four last month, and I couldn’t ask for a better dog. He’s smart, funny, happy, playful, and always full of love. Every night when I go to sleep, Luca comes to the head of the bed, sticks his snout in my face, and stares at me until I lift up the comforter so he can slip underneath, curl up against my chest, and go to sleep. He’s my furry hot water bottle during the Winter months!

– by Derek M.