Komiko’s Happy Tale

Karston, Kristi and Kris in the back; and Kolben and Komiko in the front

Kris sent the following update on Komiko and we thought we’d share!

Komiko is settling in nicely, and has made it her mission to rid our yard of squirrels. However, as she can’t climb trees, I think the squirrels are having more fun harrassing Komiko than the other way around. We have also found out that Komiko does not like carrots or lettuce, but loves tomatoes, and steals them from my garden. We have a good routine going, and she is ready every morning to take Kolben for a walk to school, and then to return to go on a car ride to take Karston to school. She looks forward to that every morning, and wonders why we don’t do it on the weekends. She seems to be quite “protective” while on the leash with other dogs. This had me a bit concerned, so I took her to the doggie park to see what her behavior would be, and she was just fine, so I think it is truly a bit of a protective mode. She is a very happy dog and minds very well. She walks well on a leash, but when we go to a more high-grassy area, her flushing instinct kicks in, and she is in heaven: Nose to the ground, running through the high grass in hopes of flushing out some birds. She loves people and kids. We have had many compliments about how beautiful she is, and we all agree: Her coat is shiny and soft, and she is just a very nice-looking dog.