Josie, Scamp and Trusty: Happiness Comes in 3’s

Suzette Compton, our Foster Coordinator, Veterinary Care Coordinator, and Foster Extraordinaire shared these stories with us about her 3 Cockers that are in our 2014 RMCR calendar.

Scamp is 3 or 4 years old.  He is my first rescue dog who came into my life as a foster for a companion to my Trusty dog whose close friend Mariah has just passed away.  Scamp was a stray from New Mexico and was found along a truck route in the cold of December all matted, dirty and filled with weeds.  He was about 1 ½ years old and found himself homeless and afraid.   He was wearing a blue jacket that was stuck to his long hair.  After his shelter days he came to me aggressive and fearful of both people and dogs.  I was committed to helping him and today have a wonderful, warm and loving companion and the reward has been great.

Josie is around 5 years old.  She was a pregnant stray from Missouri who was put into a shelter. She came to me as a rescue 10 days after having had 9 healthy mixed breed puppies in 2012.  Josie was heart worm positive at the time and also had a uterine and bladder infection.   She was a wonderful mom to all those puppies.  Once the puppies were adopted out Josie was treated holistically for the heart worm and is heartworm free today.  Falling in love with her was so easy because of her beauty, her dignified and compassionate composure, and her big brown eyes.  I am proud to be a foster failure again because I just couldn’t give her up.  Adoption was the only option for me and Josie so she joined Scamp and Trusty has brought warmth and joy to my heart and into our home and now I have a three pack.

Trusty is 3 ½ years old and is my mascot.  He comes from a long line of champion Cocker Spaniels and carries the blood of my previous five cockers.  Through Trusty I have been able to keep that connection alive.   He is as gentle as a butterfly.  Trusty welcomed Scamp into our home and then they welcomed Josie into their pack.  Now the three of them teach all of the other foster dogs who come into our home what love is.  The stories they tell each other only they will know.