Joey’s Happily Ever After Tail

We have had our favorite family member (just between us) over a year. She was my Mother’s Day gift in 2012.  I love to tell the story of meeting Sandy Headley for the first time at the Castle Rock Home Depot where she was shopping with her Cocker, Hank, in her cart.
Hank was so adorable I couldn’t resist asking to pet him and Sandy told us he was a Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue dog. She said some dogs were being shown that day at PetCo in Lone Tree. My husband I came to Home Depot to purchase a hose ; we left that mission unfulfilled. Instead I  gently coaxed my husband to “just go look” at the dogs. Sandy said there was a cute  3 year old little boy dog named Bo who was well- trained and knew lots of tricks. This peaked my husband’s curiosity enough to head to PetCo, although with “just look” being the key words he uttered over and over with his not so well-hidden trepidation.

We got there and asked the friendly volunteers about Bo, but alas he was already spoken for. There were a few lively dogs bouncing around saying “look at me, look at me”, but only one caught my eye. A little black cocker with her head down, her stubby tail tucked, leaning timidly against the volunteer holding her leash. I got down on the floor a couple of feet from her and was able to encourage “Beatrice” to sit by me (on my lap actually). I asked if I could walk out front with her to get her away from the commotion and that’s what we did. My husband watched the two of us and knowingly anticipated my next statement. “I want this dog!” He wondered aloud if I had completed my “looking” already. “Let’s get a few details on her”, he suggested.
She was approximately 9 years old, and had been at the Pueblo animal shelter nearing euthanasia deadline when Kathryn saved her and put her in the adoption line-up. Although a younger dog was more what we had imagined, my heart was gone and there was no turning back.

We have not had one moment of regret since adopting our “Joey”, sorry but Beatrice just didn’t fit her. She was painfully shy at first,–afraid of men, noises, children, any visitors, and other dogs. She has been my shadow since the beginning and remains my loyal little friend. We enter and exit every room together, we go on car rides, walks and trips to the mountains. She has become the most user- friendly dog we have ever had. She potties on command (always outdoors), plays with my daughter’s dogs and other dogs that visit, lets people pet her with some hesitation, but she does eventually comes around. Joey is a beloved member of our family, and everyone who meets her and spends any time around her falls in love with her. Everyone wants Joey, but she isn’t going anywhere. She has brought unexpected joy and laughter, and a sense of warmth that comes from having her gentle soul in our home.

Thank you so very much for Joey.