The old adage that “third times a charm” is how we think we came to get our Emmylou.  We had two Golden Retrievers in the last 30 years and after the last one passed on, we decided that we needed to downsize.  Our third dog was going to be a Cocker Spaniel.  I had seen several postings on facebook from a good friend Linda Parker who was fostering Cockers at that time, and went to the web-site and saw a Sassy on there that captured our hearts.  We were to learn that we were third in line for her.

I watched the web-site almost everyday and saw a Gigi and told RMCR we wanted her, as she had just been posted.  We found out that we were not the first in line for her either.  I was about to give up and John told me that he would find me a great little girl and not to lose hope.  A week later, he told me he had a “Gem” for us and she would be coming from a shelter in Wyoming and would be at a foster home for a while.  I know I must have written a dozen e-mails to Emmylou’s foster mom during that short week!

We picked her up 2 August 2012 and it has been the start of a very loving relationship for the three of us.  She let us know right off that day that the bay window and my recliner were hers!

She is our “cocker-bunny” as she keeps watch on the refrigerator and whenever the door is open, her nose is on the bowl of freshly cut carrot sticks.

She does love green beans too, and is learning to pick her own in our garden, but hasn’t quite got the “picking” down yet.  She will eat just about any vegetable and loves most fruits, especially cantaloupe and watermelon.  Her daddy will share his cantaloupe and watermelon off his fork in the mornings with her.  She is so gentle taking it off his fork, I just can’t scold them for doing that.

Emmylou has brought such happiness to our home since losing our beloved Katie girl.  She makes us laugh everyday and I thank the Lord for making us wait for that third cocker as she was the one that was meant for us!  Thank you John and Molly for putting up with all my e-mails and calls about Emmylou.

Yes, sometimes you just have to wait for that special someone to come into your life and maybe the third times a charm?