How to Relinquish Your Dog

We realize life does not always follow the path we planned and sometimes we have to give up our beloved pets due to unemployment, health issues, housing challenges, family/money problems and various other reasons. You can trust us to help you!

First Step: Submit an Online Form

  1. If you are the private owner of your cocker spaniel or cocker-mix, please complete a Dog Relinquishment Form.
    - OR –
    If you are with a shelter or another rescue, please fill out and submit a Request for Rescue.
  2. Please be open and honest about any and all behavioral and health issues with the dog(s). We need to be sure we have a foster home willing and able to take care of the dog before we can accept it, so we must know about all issues.
  3. Please have at least one picture available to include with your online form or email to The picture must show the qualities and appearance of a cocker. We specialize in cockers with a Board of Directors having more than 110 years experience with cockers and cocker-mixes!
  4. After we receive your completed form, we will contact you. We must have the dog’s COMPLETE veterinary records (not receipts) or the phone number to the vet PRIOR to accepting your dog. We suggest you contact your vet immediately and ask them to email ALL records to
  5. After we receive the online form, photos and all veterinary records, we will review them and make a decision about your request. Once accepted, we will immediately begin searching for a foster, including posting the dog on our Foster Homes Needed webpage.
  6. If financially possible, please make sure your dog is current on vaccinations, groomed and spayed/neutered prior to giving the dog to us.  Our non-profit, charitable organization survives on donations and our largest expenses are veterinary visits and surgeries.
  7. There is NO fee to relinquish your dog to RMCR however, we do request a donation to help us cover the costs of veterinary expenses.
  8. After you physically transfer the dog into RMCR, you no longer have any ownership rights or claims to that dog.
  9. We will coordinate transporting the dog to us and will place the dog into a pre-approved foster home where he/she will be treated like a beloved family member.
  10. We will perform a home safety check, interview potential adopters, and conduct reference and veterinarian checks prior to placing any dog into a new permanent home best matching the dog’s and family’s needs. Visit Adoption Information to learn more about our requirements for adopters.

Are you struggling to give up on your dog and just need some help?
We can also help you keep your Cocker Spaniel!

Behavioral Reasons: check out our Behavior Solutions page or consider contacting an animal behavior trainer at Pavlov Dog Training.

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Emergency Medical Costs: look at our list of Pet Care Agencies that may be able to help.