Coco and Swirl – from Puppy Mill to Heaven on Earth

Coco and Swirl came into my life at the perfect time in March 2009 after they were rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri (the puppy mill capital of the U.S.). We had a cocker spaniel about 4 years earlier, Barkley, whom we had to say goodbye to after being a part of our family for 14 years. (Swirl looks a lot like him!)

I thought I would try to be a foster mom, but I couldn’t let them go.

Just a few days after we adopted them, my dad passed away. I know having them around has been a great comfort to me.

So, fast forward to today, 4 years later. They are the biggest sweethearts, so sweet, and loving. Just to see them “smile” and the happiness on their cute faces, is enough to make a bad day go away.

They must have had a rough life as they sometimes are still unsure. They love each other very much. Swirl cares for his “sister” Coco, as she can’t see very well anymore. In return, she showers him with lots of kisses! Swirl loves to go for walks and look for rabbits; he is truly in heaven on his daily walks. I wouldn’t trade them for a million dollars!

Thanks to RMCR for Coco and Swirl. – By Julie W.