Christina’s Happy Tail

Hello! I’m Christina and these are my happy tails. I started fostering a year and a half ago. My second foster dog was One Eyed Jack (yes that is what was really on his transfer papers!!!). The moment I met Jack I knew I was in love and that he would make me a foster failure. Jack was abused before he came to us. We are pretty sure a man abused him. He was okay around women, a little skittish, but was terrified of men.  The vet told us he was probably hit in the face and that is how he lost his eye. How sad! Jack is the sweetest doggie I have ever met! He is a total love bug and has slowly come out of his shell and now has very few problem women and will even start to approach men to check them out! I love him more and more every day!

And then.. here I was almost a year later and I go to pick up my 15th foster! His name is Ozzie. Ozzie too had to have one eye removed and we are told he is 100% blind in the other eye. Ozzie is such a handsome little guy and just totally amazed me on how well he adjusted in his new foster home! He had the lay of the land, the stairs, the doggie door (that he found on his own by the way) and my bed all figured out in the first 2 hours! WOW!!! The next day I took him to an adoption event and again I was amazed at how well he did. There wasn’t any snapping or being startled when anyone approached him. He curled up in people’s laps and just wanted love. Even though I may not have known the moment I met him I did know that night (my second night with him) that he was to be part of our happy little family.

I can’t even begin to express how happy these two have made me. RMCR.. thank you for the opportunity to volunteer with you and adopt two of the most amazing little guys ever! I look forward to many more years with my two little sweet babies and volunteering with RMCR!