Chloe & Noelle, by The Landman Family

We started to consider welcoming a dog into our family.  Based on research we were interested in a King Charles Spaniel.  They seemed to have the temperament we were looking for.  After we inquired about puppies, we discovered they were hard to come by and very expensive.  A relative suggested looking into a rescue.  She adopted her dog from a rescue and said it was the best experience ever and “the only way to go.”

We looked at the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue.   While searching the website, we saw pictures of two incredibly sweet dogs, Noelle and Chloe.  We inquired about just one of the dogs, but were told that they were bonded sisters and could only be adopted together.  The fact they were family made it even more appealing to adopt them – together. 

Cassidy and Sabrina traveled to Denver to meet the dogs and instantly fell in love.  They brought them back to their forever home in Grand Junction.

Chloe and Noelle are a part of our family.  Not only have they taught our seven year old daughter about the value of responsibility and caring for another life, but they make every day a little sweeter and bring an incredible amount of joy to our home. When we come home at the end of a day and see their wagging tails, we realize that it’s the little things that matter most.

We feel so lucky to have adopted two of the most wonderful dogs ever.  They are forever a part of our family.