Callie’s Happy Tale

Our names are Barbara and Mike Weitkamp, Callie is our adopted girl.  She loves our grandchildren, Maya and Timmy.

February 18, 2012, I was going into the Lakewood Commons Petco when I spotted Callie on a volunteers lap.   What can I say; there was just something about her eyes.  We were getting ready to go to Hawaii and getting another animal was not on my to do list.  I then heard Callie’s story.  She was dropped off at RMCR event when she was about 1-1/2 years old.  The couple came up to this same volunteer and said, we don’t want this dog.  The volunteer was really a part of the marketing for this particular event and not a regular RMCR volunteer and here she was with Callie.  She took a special effort in finding a good home for Callie.  Callie’s second family had her for approximately 2-1/2 years.  They promised the volunteer, as I did, if for any reason they could not keep Callie to contact her.  Callie was a matted mess and had an ear infection.  RMCR did what they do so well, and took care of her.

It went well and we told the volunteer we would think about it.  Honestly, my husband Mike was not thrilled about having another dog. We have our own pet sitting business, Howl at the Moon Pet Sitting, and have over 200 critter clients.  We come and go a lot. We took Callie to our home for a meet-and-greet with Mike, Daisy, and our cat Clyde We had lost our dog, Lucy to renal failure May 2011 and our dog Daisy was lonely.   I know Callie was missing her family every bit as much as I missed Lucy and I just could not turn my back on her.  The day we returned from Hawaii, March 4, 2012, we got Callie.

One of our biggest concerns was how Callie would interact with our grandchildrenThe calendar picture certainly shows Callie’s love for Maya. Callie loves both of the children.  She pines for them when they are not here.  All we have to do is say, “the babies are coming over,” and she goes for the front door.

Callie did manage to get skunked one time.  The poor girl really got sprayed.  With her thick cocker coat, it took months before the smell went away.

Callie’s personality continues to come out. She has learned several commands, i.e., sit, down, come, heel, and wait for it. We are still working on stay and leave it.  She has started walking on the treadmill which helps her burn off some of her excess energy.  She is quite comical, agile, and smart.  She can be aggressively friendly with other dogs and strangers, but she is such a loving friend I can’t imagine ever giving her up.