Buddy C is Ready for Adoption!

BUDDY C (16-108) is a beautiful Cocker-mix who needs a home. Though he has trouble seeing, he is a wonderful companion who just wants to get and give a little love. Here is his story as only he can tell it.
        “I’m Buddy, a tiny little male Cockapoo about 8 years old. My sister Casey and I were abandoned in our back yard in Texas when our owners moved. They just left us there and we were scared. Why do people do that to their dogs? A neighbor found us and took us to a shelter. We were found to be heart worm positive and needed a vet. We have been taken care of now for 6 months with Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue and our heart worm has been treated.  It’s all behind us now.
I am learning to become independent and find other dogs to be a lot of fun. My foster mom says that it would be fine for me to be adopted by a family who already has another dog since I am so used to being with my sister Casey. She is having some bladder problems and will probably stay in the rescue for quite a while but I know I am ready to be adopted. We will miss each other at first but would like to be loved by a forever family. Please keep in mind that I need another little dog friend. If you can’t take both my sister and I, can you at least take me since I am all ready to go? Casey will stay with our foster mom and have other dogs to play with so she will do well even without me there.
You might notice in pictures that my eyes are a bit cloudy. Yep, I have cataracts so I am pretty blind, though I can see some shadows sometimes. In a new place it takes me just a few days to find my way around and then I get along well. Indoor stairs scare me a bit. I can get up and down porch stairs without any problems, but have a little trouble with the steps in the house. You can help me though. I do have some glaucoma, but it is controlled with pressure eye drops every day. I’m real good for my eye drops.
I have learned to play with a Kong toy and a tennis ball, and my foster mom thinks it’s real cute. I love having a yard with a fence so I can be out and about sniffing and wandering around. Sometimes I get mad at another dog if he gets in my way or tries to get my cookie. I might growl or snap at him and you might have to correct me, but I am usually a very good boy and I don’t even bark much. I love humans and cuddling with them is super sweet. I am easy going and my foster mom says that I have blossomed into a silly and happy little dog. There is a lot to love here and I will love you right back!  Does anybody want to live with me?”