Happy Tales

Happy Tales

RMCR enriched our family

I previously had a Cocker Spaniel from Atlanta. He was my best friend for 13 years but we lost him to inoperable cancer in 2007. It was a year before we could get another dog. Fearing we would compare any new dog to him, we got a beagle. He is loving and very precocious. It was obvious he needed a friend so we decided to find him a “sister.”

We decided to contact the RMCR. They were incredibly professional and thorough. The effort by these volunteers to work on a true match for both the dog and the family was impressive. I worked with 3 separate volunteers to find this perfect addition to our family. They visited our house and visited with our family. I cannot express my appreciation for the effort they made to find a great match. It is not about finding any home for the dog – it is about finding the right, safe and loving home for the dog. Read More…

Happy Tales

RMCR Helps “Nurse Trixie” Find a Home

Gentleness, kindness, and caring entered my life in the form of a parti-colored rescue cocker spaniel named Trixie. I first saw her on the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue website and immediately called my wife over to share and look at this wonderful dog. Within the week I completed the adoption application, tidied the house for our home visit from Trixies’s foster mom, and welcomed Trixie into our home.

Trixie was rescued from a puppy mill. She was a puppy mill “mama” and it seemed she was used to be being still and not having much control over her life situation. This provided her with a very accepting attitude. She was willing to be picked up and held anytime and seemed to appreciate any attention she received.

Our new pet seemed to bring out kindness in those around her. We had a party at our home and there were two very young children present. Trixie was lying on the couch and the children were drawn to her. Instead of the usual roughhousing I have seen children exhibit toward a dog they were naturally very gentle with her. Good parenting combined with a gentle-spirited dog helped to create a wonderful evening for all.  Read More…

Happy Tales

Callie’s Happy Tale

Our names are Barbara and Mike Weitkamp, Callie is our adopted girl.  She loves our grandchildren, Maya and Timmy.

February 18, 2012, I was going into the Lakewood Commons Petco when I spotted Callie on a volunteers lap.   What can I say; there was just something about her eyes.  We were getting ready to go to Hawaii and getting another animal was not on my to do list.  I then heard Callie’s story.  She was dropped off at RMCR event when she was about 1-1/2 years old.  The couple came up to this same volunteer and said, we don’t want this dog.  The volunteer was really a part of the marketing for this particular event and not a regular RMCR volunteer and here she was with Callie.  She took Read More…

Happy Tales

Chloe & Noelle, by The Landman Family

We started to consider welcoming a dog into our family.  Based on research we were interested in a King Charles Spaniel.  They seemed to have the temperament we were looking for.  After we inquired about puppies, we discovered they were hard to come by and very expensive.  A relative suggested looking into a rescue.  She adopted her dog from a rescue and said it was the best experience ever and “the only way to go.”

We looked at the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue.   While searching the website, we saw pictures of two incredibly sweet dogs, Noelle and Chloe.  We inquired about just one of the dogs, but were told that they were bonded sisters and could only be adopted together.  The fact they were family made it even more appealing to adopt them – together. 

Cassidy and Sabrina traveled to Denver to meet the dogs and instantly fell in love.  They brought them back to their forever home in Grand Junction.

Chloe and Noelle are a part of our family.  Not only have they taught our seven year old daughter about the value of responsibility and caring for another life, but they make every day a little sweeter and bring an incredible amount of joy to our home. When we come home at the end of a day and see their wagging tails, we realize that it’s the little things that matter most.

We feel so lucky to have adopted two of the most wonderful dogs ever.  They are forever a part of our family.


Happy Tales


I have owned Cockers since 1989: Max, Muffin, Maggie, Murphy, & Mollie, most of them until death. Shortly after becoming a wife, I knew my husband’s Beagle, Jester would out live my aging animals and I just couldn’t have that. So, we rescued a 4-mos Tri-Color Cocker from Fountain, CO and renamed him Marty. We unexpectedly lost Jester to lung cancer & we decided that Marty, age 5, would be the last animal we would own. Marty appeared happy being solo.

For several weeks, Marty and I surfed Cocker rescue websites. Not wanting to adopt, just tracking those who disappeared from the week before; celebrating those who found forever homes. We saw a picture of a brown dog named Max who showed up for many weeks. I gently told my husband I have never owned a Chocolate Cocker and since his name began with an “M” – need I say more? I think my husband was en route to get Max before I could get my shoes on. Four months after losing Jester, Maxx, now a 4-letter name, was welcomed by Marty in Feb 2012. Read More…

Happy Tales

A Letter from Lady

Dear Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue,

Wow! How much things have changed for J.T. and I.

At the end of August, we were adopted. We now have a loving dad, mom, and a cool new brother. J.T. and I never thought we would think a cat is cool but our brother, Mr. Pas is way cool. J.T. even kissed his face and he was okay with that. I think he may even have liked it. Weird huh?

What is more wonderful than our new brother is our new parents. Our Dad and Mom give us tons of love everyday. They tell us all the time how glad they are that J.T. and I have become part of the family. Even after J.T. and I have had a couple of accidents in the living room and the dining room. Our Mom just cleaned it up, showed us where we are suppose to go, and gave us cookies when we went in the right spots. Most of all, she hugged us and told us she still loves us.  J.T. and I know where to go and where not to go now so it’s all good.

Our parents take great care of us. They not only give us lots of love, they feed us awesome food, take us for walks, and let us sleep on their bed with them. Boy, it’s so warm and comfy. Best of all, my Dad plays with us. He makes the light come up for me so I can chase it. I don’t know how he does it but I chase that light all over the place. I can never seem to get it though. It always disappears. I have fun watching Dad play catch with J.T. to. Boy can J.T. run fast and he has so much energy. We keep our new parents busy but J.T. and I know they love it by the huge smiles on their faces.

J.T. and I both agree that we have been so blessed to have become a part of such a wonderful family. We couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue for everything you did for us and finding us such an awesome home.


Happy Tales


Can you believe it?  Cute little Muppet (as RMCR called her) was found wandering the streets of Adams County.  She was picked up by law enforcement and put in their pound.  Weeks went by yet no one came to claim her, so she was picked up by RMCR.

The Christmas before, Elaine had lost her beloved 14 year old Cocker to cancer.  She had been searching the rescue sites online, but wasn’t convinced her heart could handle another dog.  Then she saw Muppet on the RMCR site and knew she was the one.  She rushed to fill out an application, only to find that Muppet was already taken.  Sadly Elaine began looking at some of the other available dogs.  Then she got word that two possible adoptions had fallen through, and she could go pick up Muppet if she wanted her.

Well, she did go, and by the time they got home, they were already bonding.  Millie (her new name) is affectionate and gentle.  When Elaine comes in from work, she wiggle and jumps high in the air, practically doing a back flip in excitement.  Millie started off shy and hesitant, but is gaining self-confidence daily.  She especially loves balls, walking, and any time she spends with Elaine’s grandchildren.  Everyone who meets her remarks on how sweet and beautiful she is.

A quote from Elaine – Sometimes I hear my granddaughter talking to Millie, she says “Millie you’re my best friend!”


Happy Tales

Mr. Magoo

Here’s a story of a cute little dog named Mr. Magoo told  by his foster family. He left his home and went astray. He felt like a misfit as no-one quite knew what he was, but he knew exactly what he was looking for… the perfect forever home. He started out at the rescue headquarters where he got a new hairdo and met a lot of nice other dogs looking for a home. Shortly after that, he moved into his foster home where he showed how much he loved kids and other dogs and most importantly that he loved to snuggle. He loved to wrestle with his 50lb furry foster sister, but was a bit annoyed that she could pin him with her paw and he couldn’t really do much about it. Magoo’s foster mom made a list of what his perfect home would be – kids, activity, a dog his size that loves to play, someone to throw balls, and lots of love and tender care. Well, Magoo began playing with the neighbor Bischon, Maxwell. They were perfect playmates. Maxwell and his family quickly fell in love with Mr. Magoo. While Mr. Magoo had been out at Adoption Fairs meeting new potential families, he knew that he already found his. Then it dawned on his foster mom that yes, Maxwell’s family had everything Magoo would ever want. Maxwell’s family waited as patiently as possible to get the news that Magoo would be their new baby boy. So, Mr. Magoo’s scary start on the streets, ends with a very, very happily ever after as he settles into his new home with 3 loving human sisters, a big “twin” brother and permanent live-in playmate, and two awesome parents to make sure he never has to feel like a misfit again.

To be continued by his forever family…


Happy Tales


The old adage that “third times a charm” is how we think we came to get our Emmylou.  We had two Golden Retrievers in the last 30 years and after the last one passed on, we decided that we needed to downsize.  Our third dog was going to be a Cocker Spaniel.  I had seen several postings on facebook from a good friend Linda Parker who was fostering Cockers at that time, and went to the web-site and saw a Sassy on there that captured our hearts.  We were to learn that we were third in line for her.

I watched the web-site almost everyday and saw a Gigi and told RMCR we wanted her, as she had just been posted.  We found out that we were not the first in line for her either.  I was about to give up and John told me that he would find me a great little girl and not to lose hope.  A week later, he told me he had a “Gem” for us and she would be coming from a shelter in Wyoming and would be at a foster home for a while.  I know I must have written a dozen e-mails to Emmylou’s foster mom during that short week!

We picked her up 2 August 2012 and it has been the start of a very loving relationship for the three of us.  She let us know right off that day that the bay window and my recliner were hers!

She is our “cocker-bunny” as she keeps watch on the refrigerator and whenever the door is open, her nose is on the bowl of freshly cut carrot sticks.

She does love green beans too, and is learning to pick her own in our garden, but hasn’t quite got the “picking” down yet.  She will eat just about any vegetable and loves most fruits, especially cantaloupe and watermelon.  Her daddy will share his cantaloupe and watermelon off his fork in the mornings with her.  She is so gentle taking it off his fork, I just can’t scold them for doing that.

Emmylou has brought such happiness to our home since losing our beloved Katie girl.  She makes us laugh everyday and I thank the Lord for making us wait for that third cocker as she was the one that was meant for us!  Thank you John and Molly for putting up with all my e-mails and calls about Emmylou.

Yes, sometimes you just have to wait for that special someone to come into your life and maybe the third times a charm?


Happy Tales


Casey in on our February 2014 calendar page. Here’s a short story about Casey’s job…

Our home in Steamboat is primarily glass across the front.  Casey loves to sit in the windows and bird watch.  He thinks it’s his personal mission to keep our yard free from magpies and robins and takes it very seriously.  He’ll race to the dog door taking the corners in controlled slides, and lap the yard to confirm we are bird free.  The only thing he dislikes more than birds in his yard are hot air balloons in his sky.  He has a special bark reserved just for hot air balloons!

-Tom and Shirl C.


Happy Tales


We adopted our beautiful Meikia 2 Sept 2012 after fostering her for 2 months. We just fell in love with her face, personality and gentle heart. One would never know she came from such a bad situation; she is so unbelievably gentle and brave.

From day one she has been a wonderful delight for us, our family and our other 2 cocker kids. When Meikia arrived from OK, she was very sick and needed a lot of care but she is tough girl and she made it through with flying colors. She is silly with her toys and loves her Dad (Dean) so dearly that her butt wiggles so hard she falls over when he gets home and gives her love-ns. She spend hours at a time in his lap.

Since adopting her we have discovered she has multiple heart issues, but we keep her as healthy as possible through natural and medical treatments which have already helped her past the 6 month prediction.

We are looking forward to many more years with Meikia.

She is a smart, gentle, silly, happy, energetic loving girl who needs to be with us where ever we are. She loves being on our boat when it zips through water; she watches the waves and enjoys the face splashes; she is our navigator!

She is the light of our lives and we thank God that RMCR rescued her for us.

-Dean and Linda P.


Happy Tales


We have had 2 other cockers, both of which captured our hearts. The first was playful, happy and very outgoing, we got Jordan as a puppy and we were fortunate enough to have him for close to 17 years. When we lost him we both lost a huge piece of our heart and then………… Sammy was our second and he was certainly was an angel in disguise, he was perfect, not at first of course, he was a puppy mill dog that our vet estimated at 2, he had mange, was fearful of all humans and it literally took us close to 2 years to bring him out of his shell, at times I felt we would never win his love and trust, but oh when we did there is nothing in life greater than the unconditional love that he gave us, and he made it very clear we were his heroes(but the reality is he was our hero). This last February we lost him and felt our hearts couldn’t possibly hurt more and were determined he was our last because we were so devastated.

In April we decided our lives were very empty and our home was as well. You ,we never had children and so our dogs had become our life. That is when I came across the RMCR. We found SnoopyDog and he has brought back the life and love in our house that we were so missing. He goes several times per week to visit my Dad at the Veterans Home and runs in and jumps on his lap immediately, wagging his tail and of course wanting the treats that Dad has for him. My in-laws are the babysitter when we leave town and he has made himself very much at home. They love him and, when we pick him up, they are wondering when he will come back.

SnoopyDog has brought life back to my husband and I. He is currently going to Obedience Class and is doing quite well. Our entire neighborhood is so happy to see a new face that always seems happy and willing to give them love.

Stace and I are forever grateful to Claire and Simon who fostered Snoopy and certainly provided him with the love and support and set him up for success in his new forever home with us.

Thanks RMCR and thanks to Claire, Simon and Rocky. We will take very good care of SnoopyDog!

-Stace and Linda S.


Happy Tales

Molly and her Ball

This is the story of a beautiful black cocker named Molly.  She is approximately 3 years old but still has a lot of puppy energy in her.  She loves to play with all her toys.  Her favorite is her ball so we play Molly Ball every day.  She has a private trainer who has helped her with some of her fears and anxieties.  She loves to train.  She goes to daycare twice a week so she can play with other dogs and meet new people.  She loves it.

In the beginning, Molly seemed shy and insecure.  That didn’t last long when she found her new home and got the love she needed.  She is smart, strong willed, independent, and has a mind of her own.  At the same time she is also very loving, sensitive, and sweet.   Molly still has her tail.  It goes non-stop all day long.

Molly is an absolute gem.  She brings great joy and happiness not only to me but to everyone she meets.  Thank you, cocker rescue.

-Sally H


Happy Tales

Roxy and Max

The rescue and rehabilitation…In May 2012 a shelter in Southern Colorado contacted us to see if we would accept a bonded pair of small Cockers who had lived their entire lives in a backyard without much human interaction. They were terrified in the shelter and, since they were not house-trained, they did not appeal to anyone looking to adopt.

They arrived in Denver at the end of May. Both dogs wanted so desperately to be loved right from the start, but were so very frightened of people and everything around them. It was obvious no one ever considered them as members of the family; they had been “lawn ornaments” in their previous lives.

First, they had to learn house manners. Crate training was the easy part – they literally ran into a crate and cuddled together all night long. House training was trickier, but they got the hang of it over time with a lot of love and patience. They both had very bad dental disease, but after that was fixed, they could finally eat without pain.

Due to their fear of deep-voices and men in general, their foster mom Kathryn Glass knew the hardest part would be to find a family who would adopt both dogs and help them through their final transition as beloved, indoor family members. Not too many people want to adopt 2 dogs at once, let alone 2 dogs that were frightened of everyone and everything! We needed a small miracle to end this story and it happened 3 months after Max and Roxy arrived.

The happy ending…One Saturday morning at a local Petco, our family found a forever friend times two.   We saw them as soon as we entered the store…Max hiding behind a table and Roxy with big brown scared eyes…adorable!  Their timid, worried nature told us right away that they had not been around people much, but it only made us love them more.  Slowly, Max crept toward us, wanting us to pet him but unsure about being so close.  Roxy kept her distance, patiently putting up with our attention.  We sat on the floor with them for hours, hoping to calm their fears.  By the time we left the store we were in love.

One week later, we brought them to our home.  We were so excited to have these two sweet bundles, and they were scared to death to be with us.  Getting used to a busy house with two teenage boys (and their friends) was no small feat.  Nor was getting used to most everyday things.  All it took was a sudden movement… a dropped shoe, a new face… to send them skittering away.  Just about everything was frightening to them, and there were days when we wondered if they would ever feel at home.  Slowly, they came around…Max first and then Roxy.   Everyday they became a little more trusting, a little more playful, a little more comfortable with the attention we gave them.   We found that they love being scratched behind the ears, the attention of little kids, rolling in the grass, following the hamster ball around, and eating various items that are found in school backpacks.  We found that they don’t really care for dog toys, deep voices, cats, and going outside in the rain or snow.  We found that we just love them, and finally, ten months later, they love us too.

- Teresa, Sam, & Ben


Happy Tales


Willow is on the January 2015 page of our 2014 calendar.

In October, 2012, we sadly had to say goodbye to “Meghan” – our beloved American Eskimo of 16 years. Needless to say, despite two adults and two kids, our house seemed quiet and lonely without the sound of the doggy door swaying or the gentle tapping of paws on the floor. It was clear that our home needed its fifth, furry member of the family to feel complete.

Shortly after Christmas, we happened upon a darling little picture of Willow and her bio via the RMCR website. Her story of suspected abuse in her original home and ultimate rescue via Pilots for Paws and RMCR, was our sign that this sweet pup needed a second chance on life and love.

We quickly filled out an application and within a couple weeks, got to meet Willow for a home visit and instantly fell in love with her feisty and playful personality. We knew we’d found our forever pup! Read More…

Happy Tales

Bella Rose

Bella Rose is really a powerful vacuum cleaner instead of a cute innocent year old puppy dog. We were not sure that we would keep her after she found her owner’s hearing aids on the floor. She was gentle with them knowing their value and caused only minimal damage. It was not her fault. How would she know that humans sometimes need help hearing when her own hearing is so acute under those soft silky ears?

Bella Rose wakes up to play and to bring joy to her owners. Her favorite toy is her monkey. (We have two just in case she loses one).

She would love to play with her feline sister Josephina, but kitty remains the alpha and does not want stinky dog breath on her. Some day they will be friends because Bella makes friends with everyone she meets.

The Cocker Spaniel Rescue thinks she is a Cavalier and the vet thinks she is a cocker. I bet she is both.

She went through a teenage pregnancy and lost one of her pups who was named Bella. We named her Bella Rose. How could you not fall for a beautiful, intelligent, great huntress of birds and rabbits!

– by Bruce and Mary


Happy Tales

Luca the Love Bug

Luca was originally given as a present to an older couple in Wyoming. When he was almost a year old they’d decided that he was too rambunctious and energetic for them and they wanted to get rid of him. Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue…to the rescue!

I had owned another Cocker Spaniel, named Beauregarde, for almost 9 years. He developed Canine Lymphoma, and ultimately I had to have him put down in 2001. It was the single most heartrending decision I’ve ever had to make. Afterwards, I decided to take a break from dog ownership to let my heart heal. When I moved to Denver in 2004, I moved into a building that did not allow pets, so dog ownership would have to wait. In 2009 I moved into a new place and could own a dog again. At the time, I was volunteering at Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital Read More…

Happy Tales

Coco and Swirl – from Puppy Mill to Heaven on Earth

Coco and Swirl came into my life at the perfect time in March 2009 after they were rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri (the puppy mill capital of the U.S.). We had a cocker spaniel about 4 years earlier, Barkley, whom we had to say goodbye to after being a part of our family for 14 years. (Swirl looks a lot like him!)

I thought I would try to be a foster mom, but I couldn’t let them go.

Just a few days after we adopted them, my dad passed away. I know having them around has been a great comfort to me.

So, fast forward to today, 4 years later. They are the biggest sweethearts, so sweet, and loving. Just to see them “smile” and the happiness on their cute faces, is enough to make a bad day go away.

They must have had a rough life as they sometimes are still unsure. They love each other very much. Swirl cares for his “sister” Coco, as she can’t see very well anymore. In return, she showers him with lots of kisses! Swirl loves to go for walks and look for rabbits; he is truly in heaven on his daily walks. I wouldn’t trade them for a million dollars!

Thanks to RMCR for Coco and Swirl. – By Julie W.

Happy Tales

Josie, Scamp and Trusty: Happiness Comes in 3’s

Suzette Compton, our Foster Coordinator, Veterinary Care Coordinator, and Foster Extraordinaire shared these stories with us about her 3 Cockers that are in our 2014 RMCR calendar.

Scamp is 3 or 4 years old.  He is my first rescue dog who came into my life as a foster for a companion to my Trusty dog whose close friend Mariah has just passed away.  Scamp was a stray from New Mexico and was found along a truck route in the cold of December all matted, dirty and filled with weeds.  He was about 1 ½ years old and found himself homeless and afraid.   He was wearing a blue jacket that was stuck to his long hair.  After his shelter days he came to me aggressive and fearful of both people and dogs.  I was committed to helping him and today have a wonderful, warm and loving companion and the reward has been great.

Josie is around 5 years old.  She was a pregnant stray from Missouri who was put into a shelter. She came to me as a rescue 10 days after having had 9 healthy mixed breed puppies in 2012.  Josie was heart worm positive at the time and also had a uterine and bladder infection.   She was a wonderful mom to all those puppies.  Once the puppies were adopted out Josie was treated holistically for the heart worm and is heartworm free today.  Falling in love with her was so easy because of her beauty, her dignified and compassionate composure, and her big brown eyes.  I am proud to be a foster failure again because I just couldn’t give her up.  Adoption was the only option for me and Josie so she joined Scamp and Trusty has brought warmth and joy to my heart and into our home and now I have a three pack.

Trusty is 3 ½ years old and is my mascot.  He comes from a long line of champion Cocker Spaniels and carries the blood of my previous five cockers.  Through Trusty I have been able to keep that connection alive.   He is as gentle as a butterfly.  Trusty welcomed Scamp into our home and then they welcomed Josie into their pack.  Now the three of them teach all of the other foster dogs who come into our home what love is.  The stories they tell each other only they will know.

Happy Tales

Christina’s Happy Tail

Hello! I’m Christina and these are my happy tails. I started fostering a year and a half ago. My second foster dog was One Eyed Jack (yes that is what was really on his transfer papers!!!). The moment I met Jack I knew I was in love and that he would make me a foster failure. Jack was abused before he came to us. We are pretty sure a man abused him. He was okay around women, a little skittish, but was terrified of men.  The vet told us he was probably hit in the face and that is how he lost his eye. How sad! Jack is the sweetest doggie I have ever met! He is a total love bug and has slowly come out of his shell and now has very few problem women and will even start to approach men to check them out! I love him more and more every day!

And then.. here I was almost a year later and I go to pick up my 15th foster! His name is Ozzie. Ozzie too had to have one eye removed and we are told he is 100% blind in the other eye. Ozzie is such a handsome little guy and just totally amazed me on how well he adjusted in his new foster home! He had the lay of the land, the stairs, the doggie door (that he found on his own by the way) and my bed all figured out in the first 2 hours! WOW!!! The next day I took him to an adoption event and again I was amazed at how well he did. There wasn’t any snapping or being startled when anyone approached him. He curled up in people’s laps and just wanted love. Even though I may not have known the moment I met him I did know that night (my second night with him) that he was to be part of our happy little family.

I can’t even begin to express how happy these two have made me. RMCR.. thank you for the opportunity to volunteer with you and adopt two of the most amazing little guys ever! I look forward to many more years with my two little sweet babies and volunteering with RMCR!

Happy Tales

Joey’s Happily Ever After Tail

We have had our favorite family member (just between us) over a year. She was my Mother’s Day gift in 2012.  I love to tell the story of meeting Sandy Headley for the first time at the Castle Rock Home Depot where she was shopping with her Cocker, Hank, in her cart.
Hank was so adorable I couldn’t resist asking to pet him and Sandy told us he was a Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue dog. She said some dogs were being shown that day at PetCo in Lone Tree. My husband I came to Home Depot to purchase a hose ; we left that mission unfulfilled. Instead I  gently coaxed my husband to “just go look” at the dogs. Sandy said there was a cute  3 year old little boy dog named Bo who was well- trained and knew lots of tricks. This peaked my husband’s curiosity enough to head to PetCo, although with “just look” being the key words he uttered over and over with his not so well-hidden trepidation.

We got there and asked the friendly volunteers about Bo, but alas he was already spoken for. There were a few lively dogs bouncing around saying “look at me, look at me”, but only one caught my eye. A little black cocker with her head down, her stubby tail tucked, leaning timidly against the volunteer holding her leash. I got down on the floor a couple of feet from her and was able to encourage “Beatrice” to sit by me (on my lap actually). I asked if I could walk out front with her to get her away from the commotion and that’s what we did. My husband watched the two of us and knowingly anticipated my next statement. “I want this dog!” He wondered aloud if I had completed my “looking” already. “Let’s get a few details on her”, he suggested.
She was approximately 9 years old, and had been at the Pueblo animal shelter nearing euthanasia deadline when Kathryn saved her and put her in the adoption line-up. Although a younger dog was more what we had imagined, my heart was gone and there was no turning back.

We have not had one moment of regret since adopting our “Joey”, sorry but Beatrice just didn’t fit her. She was painfully shy at first,–afraid of men, noises, children, any visitors, and other dogs. She has been my shadow since the beginning and remains my loyal little friend. We enter and exit every room together, we go on car rides, walks and trips to the mountains. She has become the most user- friendly dog we have ever had. She potties on command (always outdoors), plays with my daughter’s dogs and other dogs that visit, lets people pet her with some hesitation, but she does eventually comes around. Joey is a beloved member of our family, and everyone who meets her and spends any time around her falls in love with her. Everyone wants Joey, but she isn’t going anywhere. She has brought unexpected joy and laughter, and a sense of warmth that comes from having her gentle soul in our home.

Thank you so very much for Joey.


Happy Tales

Zoe’s Happy Tale

Our little Zoe finally found her new forever home.  Here’s what her new mom has to say: Zoe has been amazing and is fitting in better then we could have dreamed. She loves all of us but is my shadow and I love it. When I’m gone, she’s my daughter’s shadow. She has really taken to my husband and son as well. She and Sadie are like two peas in a pod. They get along wonderfully and they have not had one single incident. We found Zoe a great bed that she loves, and every morning she hops up on the bed with Sadie and sleeps in with me. She is awesome on our daily walks and loves all the neighbor dogs we walk with. She met our groomer and vet and they both gave her very high marks and said she couldn’t be sweeter and healthier. We can’t thank you enough for our new family member Zoe. She is as sweet as pie and we will spoil the heck out of her. We are truly ecstatic with Zoe and she seems right at home. I can’t believe it has only been a week, I can’t imagine we ever lived without her! Thanks again to Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue for saving our dog Zoe. She means the world to us!

Happy Tales

A Happy Tale Note from Lucy

Lucy outside her new home

I came to my new home July 10th 2012.  There were lots of things for me to explore.   Since I live in a dog friendly neighborhood, there are a lot of friends looking at me and wagging their tails when we meet.  I get frequent walks.  I get to go to the Pearl St farmers market on Sunday mornings seeing lots of other friends.  I have gone to Washington Park and walked a lot, rolling in the grass, meeting other pooches, sometimes barking at them.

Last weekend I went to the mountains and rode in the enclosed gondola up to the top where there was all kinds of action going on.  I sat in Bens lap all the way up and down.  Lots of people stopped to look at me saying that I was so cute.  Children petted me.  I was pooped out when we came home, but managed to watch Harry Potter in Ben’s lap.

I just got groomed and I smell nice.  Some of my poodle fur was trimmed so at least I could feel good during the hot days.

At nights I go and get Ben and Cheryl’s shoes to keep them at my bedside.  My bed has squeaky toys along with a rawhide bone for comfort.  I often harbor and hide their shoes and then I bring out each shoe when I know I am going to leave for a walk.  I have not seen the winter boots/shoes yet.

All in all, I am having fun!  I wake up each day, wanting to play, eating and getting treats following Ben and Cheryl from room to room.

I am very happy in my new home!


Happy Tales

Margaret and Walter’s Happy Tale

This happy tale is about Buddy and his mom, Margaret.  Buddy, now Walter, was so beloved by his foster parents they wondered if they’d ever find an adopter that loved him as much as they did.  As luck would have it, there was someone out there who needed Walter as much as he needed her.  Margaret saw Walter online and knew he was meant to be with her.  It was a match made in heaven!  Margaret says that Walter is the most fabulous thing that has happened to her home in months.  He is everyone’s love and friend.  Walter enjoys his daily walks and adores going anywhere with his mom whether by foot or car.  He is a happy boy and Margaret tells us that she cannot express enough the love and happiness that he has been to her.  He is friendly to everyone he meets and treats them all with the same tenderness he has with his mom.  Walter is the companion Margaret was searching for and she is the happy home he deserved from the start.  A happy ending indeed!

Happy Tales

Happy Abby

Do you see the contentment in this little girls face?  This is Abby, a senior girl that came to us as an owner surrender.  The family was having financial and health problems and decided that Abby needed a new home.  Placing senior dogs has its own challenges and Abby needed extensive dental care and a huge cyst on her leg removed.  But Steve and Carmen saw her on the website and knew right away that she was the one they wanted.  A meeting was arranged and Abby had a new home!  She is very happy in her new house and is loved beyond imagination.  We think she might just be a tad bit spoiled as well, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Thanks, Steve and Carmen, for giving this little girl a chance to spend her golden years with you!

Happy Tales

Gidget’s Happy Tale

Gidget with Andrew, Roseanna and Cocoa

Gidget came to RMCR after being abandoned by her owners and ending up in the Rawlins WY shelter where she spent two long months before a good volunteer there made it his duty to get her into a Rescue. We’re so glad! Gidget attended an adoption event and just happened to be there when Andrew and Roseanna were visiting Petco with their cocker mix Cocoa. Andrew and Roseanna had been looking for a companion for Cocoa, but he didn’t like any of the doggies they had met…until Gidget! And now Gidget has a new forever home with a sweet doggie friend and loving owners. What a wonderful new beginning!

Happy Tales

Toby’s Happy Tale Letter to RMCR

Dear Friends at Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue,

In late summer-early fall of 2011, we adopted Toby. He is a wonderful and perfect addition to our home! Toby, now “Mr. Dude”, has bonded with each one of us in different ways. He and I hang out and play or just snuggle. Dad and Toby play ball, go for walks and play, play, play! He and our daughter are best friends. Toby loves “his girl”! Thank you RMCR aiding us in finding the best dog!

P.S. A note from Toby: Life here is great! I have lots of energy and a fun family. I’m such a good boy! (Mom tells me that all the time.) I’m learning new tricks and making friends wherever I go. Thank you for finding my forever family!

Happy Tales

Sophia’s Happy Tale

Lindy and Laci

 Hello!  My name was Sophia but it’s Laci now, though for some reason my nickname is “snickel fritz” and I want to tell you about how I found my forever home.

My new Mum and Dad had a little cocker spaniel called Lola who they loved very much, but sadly she passed away. They missed her so much that when they saw how pretty I was, they fell in love with my beautiful eyes and wanted to give me a home. When we met, I was on my best behaviour, and lets be honest, how could anyone resist me? Before I knew it, I was in the car on my way to a new home.

Because of my allergies I have some new food and some lotion to help stop the itching, so I am very happy.

My favourite toy is a fluffy duck that squeaks, I just love chasing it. I also love my walks to the park and am even getting used to being near other dogs.

Tomorrow is exciting as my brother Ryan is coming over to see me again, he just loves my ears. I’m such a happy girl now, I am very loved and my tail hasn’t stopped wagging. Thank you Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue for helping me find my new family.

Happy Tales

Ian’s Happy Tale

Celia, Dominique, Jasmine and Grant with Ian

Little Ian had been returned to the shelter twice – simply for being a puppy!  Some people just don’t understand the energy of a seven month old!  Celia saw him on our web site and knew he was the one for her family.  Here’s Celia, Dominique, Jasmine and Grant with Ian in his new home.  We hope they will be very happy together.  From the looks of it, they’re off to a good start.

Happy Tales

Pixie’s Happy Tale

Shannon and Pixie

Shannon shared the following with us about finding Pixie:

I’ve known for years that I was interested in adopting a rescue dog and was looking forward to adopting early next year.  However, while perusing rescue sites, I came across Pixie.  She sounded too good to be true.  I immediately had a strong feeling about her and knew that I would be making a huge mistake to pass her up.  I figured that I would send in my application and hope that I had the opportunity to take this beautiful dog home.  From the moment I met Pixie, I knew that she was meant to join my family.  We bonded almos immediately and  have been inseparable since.  She has the playful personality of a puppy; ready to greet you with snuggles and kisses when you walk through the door. She also kows how to lounge and relax after a long day at the park.  We are perfectly compatible.  Thank you so much!!! She’s such a joy!

Happy Tales

Coco’s Happy Tale

Carol and Coco

Coco is another of our sweet Cocker Spaniels that never made it onto the Web site.  Word of mouth led her to Carol before we could even post her.  Coco came to us from a local shelter and she needed to be spayed and groomed before we could get photos of her to post to our Web site.  Her foster mom had heard that Carol was looking to find a new companion after her beloved Brooke had passed away from cancer.  So, a meeting was arranged and that was that!  Carol has a new companion and Coco has a new forever home!  All is well in their world.

Happy Tales

Butterscotch’s Happy Tale

Chad, Tara and Astyn (formerly Butterscotch)

Butterscotch is one of those lucky rescue dogs that never made it onto the RMCR Web site.  On the day that she was surrendered by her former owners, she went to an adoption event in Colorado Springs.  Chad and Tara happened to walk by and noticed her.  After talking it over, they decided that they would like to give her a new home.  They submitted an application and after it was processed, they welcomed her into their home and are now calling her Astyn.  Tara wrote to say that she fits right in to the home and that she really wanted to play with the resident cat.  At first, the cat wasn’t so crazy about having a canine sister, she was getting braver and we assume that by now they’re good pals!

Happy Tales

Komiko’s Happy Tale

Karston, Kristi and Kris in the back; and Kolben and Komiko in the front

Kris sent the following update on Komiko and we thought we’d share!

Komiko is settling in nicely, and has made it her mission to rid our yard of squirrels. However, as she can’t climb trees, I think the squirrels are having more fun harrassing Komiko than the other way around. We have also found out that Komiko does not like carrots or lettuce, but loves tomatoes, and steals them from my garden. We have a good routine going, and she is ready every morning to take Kolben for a walk to school, and then to return to go on a car ride to take Karston to school. She looks forward to that every morning, and wonders why we don’t do it on the weekends. She seems to be quite “protective” while on the leash with other dogs. This had me a bit concerned, so I took her to the doggie park to see what her behavior would be, and she was just fine, so I think it is truly a bit of a protective mode. She is a very happy dog and minds very well. She walks well on a leash, but when we go to a more high-grassy area, her flushing instinct kicks in, and she is in heaven: Nose to the ground, running through the high grass in hopes of flushing out some birds. She loves people and kids. We have had many compliments about how beautiful she is, and we all agree: Her coat is shiny and soft, and she is just a very nice-looking dog.

Happy Tales

Zebie’s Happy Tale

Dodie with Poppi

Dodie sent the following note to us about her new life with Zebie, who she now calls Poppi.  We’re so happy to have been a part of this perfect fit!

I lost my 14 year old cocker last November 3rd. From January through April I fostered a cocker/terrier mix. Then I knew that I wanted/needed to have my own little girl again. I looked on-line at various sites, and found a pretty little dog I was interested in, but she was already in a foster to adopt situation. I kept watching, and Zebie (now Poppi) appeared, and I quickly sent an application in to adopt her.

Within a couple of weeks, John called, and asked if I wanted to meet Zebie. “YES! I DO!”  I met her at her foster mom’s home on a Sunday afternoon, fell immediately in love with her and brought her home with me. She made herself right at home while I acquainted her with her ‘outhouse’ and various other things – like her bed, her crate, and her toy box — all those important things, and she just settled in. She was napping soundly 30 mins. after we got home.

She’s been here with me now, for a month. Its as though she’s been here all of her 6 years. She loves playing with the neighbor’s dogs through our shadow box fences, and occasionally we exchange ‘play dates’so they can all really play together for an hour or so. She loves her Kong treat ball – empty or full, having her ears scratched and her belly rubbed…and very big, very wet kisses if you happen to be within 6″ of her tongue!! Naps are also high on her list of things to do.

She doesn’t like to have me out of her sight for too long, but is o.k. when I have to run an errand or two. She’s still a little skittish when people/friends visit, if she’s not yet met them. They all know to approach her gently and let her make up her mind when she’s ready to befriend them – it doesn’t take all that long. She does have to check them out pretty thoroughly however.

She’s very, very good at making me laugh, its like having my own, personal, little clown around all the time.

I’m so thankful to the RMCR for getting us together. I am amazed at their professionalism and caring and effort – not only for the dogs, but for the new owner(s) as well. Just is very nice to know there are caring people like that, to find these little dogs new and happy homes. And I thank them for all their work and concern and thoroughness.


Happy Tales

Tonic’s Happy Tale

Today truly was a lucky day for a little boy named Tonic.  Dumped at a shelter with his brother and sister at barely eight weeks of age, his future could have been very grim.  Instead, he came to Denver.  His sister caught the eye of Becca, but it was Tonic who would go home with them in the end.  Wrapped in loving arms, their vehicle filled with everything he would need to grow up happy and loved, including the perfect little brown collar and lead, they took off to start their new lives together.  Before leaving, however, they allowed us to capture the moment that will remain in our hearts for a long time to come.  Have a good life, Tonic!  And blessings be upon John and Becca!  Because of you, Tonic is one lucky boy!

Happy Tales

Missy’s Happy Tale

Missy, a Cocker mix, arrived in the Rescue a scared, distrusting and defensive dog who had known life only as a too-small crate in the basement. After four months with RMCR, she had blossomed into a playful, happy, confident little girl who loved to be with her people. Nancy was looking for a new companion after losing her beloved Cocker, Copper, and expressed an interest in Missy. When Missy showed up to the adoption event, looking super cute after a trip to the groomer, Nancy fell in love! Missy’s foster mom knew it was a good match when Missy curled up next to Nancy after a few minutes with her, and then saw Missy trot off happily with Nancy to her new life. We wish Nancy and Missy all the best!!

Happy Tales

Tucker and Mojo’s Happy Tale

Tucker and Mojo on a recent outing in Montana

Matt and Tami adopted Tucker and Mojo on Easter (2011) weekend, and have been enjoying their company ever since.  As first time dog parents, they had a lot of learning to do, but Tucker and Mojo have seemed to train them quite easily.  They have quickly become members of the family, and they can’t imagine not having them around.  It has been so fun to watch their personalities evolve as they have become more comfortable in their new home.
They’ve been taking “the boys” to obedience classes for the last few weeks, and have seen a remarkable improvement in their behavior and comfort.  They are both very affectionate, but in different ways.  They both like to snuggle on their mom’s lap (which she loves) and follow both of them around from room to room when they are home.  They also very much enjoy “helping” their dad work out in the garage.
They were very excited to be able to take them camping, hiking, and on outings.  They really seem to enjoy spending time together outside, and this picture shows them on a recent outing to the mountains.

Happy Tales

Honey Graduates from Obedience Class

This is Honey. On this night, she defied all odds by graduating from obedience training classes. As you can see here, it took every ounce of energy she had.

Honey, resting after the ceremonies and dabbing the sweat from her brow, was quoted as saying, “Whew.”

Her proud momma secretly thought to herself: “Is this a reputable doggie school or not?” Jus’ sayin’.

Later, beaming with pride, Honey’s momma gave this statement for the record, “I’d like to thank The Academy, my Parents, and the makers of Puppy Training Pads.”

Honey is just another of RMCR’s success stories.  We’re very proud that she is coming out of her shell and was so successful at obedience class!  Way to go, Honey!

Happy Tales

Bear’s Happy Tale

Mitch and Bear

Bear came to us from Utah in February and was adopted, but he misbehaved and chased the owner’s cat unmercifully, so they brought him back.  The same day, Mitch and Bonnie came to our adoption event at the Southlands Petco and saw him.  They fell in love and he’s now in a happy, loving home.  Here’s what they have to say about Bear and RMCR:

We adopted the Bear about a month ago and he has been nothning but a joy. He must have a very loving foster home because he was so full of life and joy. He is pure Cocker, has lots of love to share, so funny and full of energy. Bear just loves his new sister dog and she is so happy to have another friend to spend the day with. We didn’t expect him to adapt to our house and routine so fast, but he is so smart. Like he had been here his entire life. Everyday there is something new to his personality.  He likes to go for walks, play with his toys or just hang out in the back yard.  He is so cool. My Sandy who was our first cocker died last October after 14 great and loyal years and we were heart broken, but Bear has shown us that we can start over and be happy. Thank you, Cocker Rescue; you do great things in dogs and peoples life . THANK YOU.

Happy Tales

Lucy’s Happy Tale

Lucy and Gwen

Lucy was a sweet puppy mill mama who came into the rescue scared of the whole world. Gwen was looking for a dog to replace her beloved cocker, Teddy, and to keep her mom Lenore company during the day. After meeting Lucy and thinking it over, Gwen and Lenore were sure of the match, but Lucy was still hesitant around strangers.  Despite Lucy’s lukewarm welcome, Gwen and Lenore took her into their home, and Lucy now knows where she belongs.

What were thought to be cataracts turned out to be Asteroid Hyalosis, a condition that causes visible floating crystals in Lucy’s eyes, which sparkle like stars.  A friend of Gwen’s said it best, “St. Lucy is the patron saint of those who are blind or have issues with their eyes.  Her feast is celebrated on Dec 13, the longest night of the year.  The name Lucy means “light”.

We hope that Gwen and Lucy continue to be the light of each others lives for many years to come.

Happy Tales

Charlie’s New Home

Charlie with mom Michele and Sadie

Charlie has a wonderful forever home with Sadie, a 3-legged Cocker, and his new mom, Michele! Michele said he has lost a few pounds already, which means he is getting plenty of exercise in his big back yard and on walks. She said, “Charlie is a LOVE muffin and such a doll! He’s working on learning how to use the doggy door. He’s found a couple of toys that he likes and he loves going for walks. Charlie has met my mom and several neighbors; he’s quite the gentleman.”

Happy Tales

Bella’s Forever Home

Bella and Chris at the Pet Expo

Bella is a gorgeous, young American Cocker Spaniel who drew a lot of attention at the Pet Expo in Colorado Springs. A group of women saw her and immediately phoned their friend Chris to tell her to drop everything and get over there. When Chris arrived, she could see why her friends were so excited – Bella was one of a kind and just had to go home with her, even though Chris’ husband wasn’t available to meet the dog. No worries with her husband, though. He was soon under Bella’s spell and loves her dearly. Bella is working daily on house training, leash training and obedience training, so it’s a good thing her new mom is retired and can spend all day with her.

Happy Tales

Chaps (now Dakota) Happy Tale

Dakota ready to take Sharon and Jerry home!

Chaps found his forever home with Jerry and Sharon when they met him at the Pet Expo in Colorado Springs. They loved his coloring, his adorable face and his sweet disposition. We couldn’t agree more! Chaps (now Dakota) loves exploring his new yard and going for walks where he can make new friends. We love his new name – Dakota – since our President and Founder, Kathryn Glass, is from North Dakota!

Happy Tales

Foxy’s (now Roxy) Forever Home

Roxy capturing mom and dad's love

Dwight and Gay were still recovering from the loss of their beloved dog, but they decided it was time to save another life. Dwight saw Foxy’s picture on the website and told Gay he thought they should meet her. When Gay sat down at the Pet Expo event, Foxy immediately covered her face in kisses, which sealed the deal. Foxy, now Roxy, has her new parent’s full attention all day and is pampered just as she deserves. As heartbroken as she was over her recent loss, Gay told us as they left the event with Foxy, “Thank you for getting me over the hump.” We can’t imagine a better ending!

Happy Tales

Ace Has A New Home

Ace with Sean, Deb and Allison

Sean, Deb and Allison were looking for their first family dog when they saw Ace at one of our adoption events. He’s a friendly boy who loves people, but there were other dogs they wanted to see as well so they held off for another week and visited him again at a another Petco adoption event. It was a hard choice to make since a couple of dogs caught their attention, but after talking it over at lunch, they came back and announced Ace was the one! Deb and Allison sat on the floor and Ace immediately jumped into their laps and snuggled. He had adopted them as well!

Happy Tales

Harley Henry’s Happy Tale

Rod and Harley Henry

Normally, our Happy Tales are about rescued dogs that find new forever homes, however we had to make an exception when it came to Harley Henry.  Harley’s owner, Rod, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago and is now in a wheel chair.  Rod was facing a move into an assisted living situation that would not allow dogs, so he contacted RMCR to help place Harley into a new home.  Harley never really assimilated into life at his foster mom’s home.  He moped around and looked out the window, hoping that Rod would show up to get him.  On weekends when he went to adoption events, he stuck close to the male volunteers, following them wherever they went and sitting in their laps. Then Rod called – he’d found an assisted living complex that allowed dogs and asked if he could take Harley back!  As you can see, the reunion was touching.  Harley knew within three miles of home that he was on his way back and was standing in the window looking for his house.  All of us at RMCR fell in love with Harley and we are so pleased that he could be reunited with Rod.  Best wishes for a long and happy life, gentlemen!

Happy Tales

Dexter’s Happy Tale

Dexter with Kevin and Family

Kevin was looking for a playmate for his Cocker Spaniel, HuckelBerry, when he saw Dexter’s photo on the Web.  He contact RMCR and drove up from Pueblo for a visit.  He decided then and there that Dexter was the one!  Unfortunately, they had to drive back to Pueblo and wait for the adoption proces to be completed, however we’re happy to report that they are all together now and are doing well.  Good job, Dex!

Happy Tales

A Happy Tale About Max

Linda and Maddox

 Linda is another one of RMCR’s valuable volunteers. She started volunteering because she loves Cocker Spaniels, but didn’t have either the room or the time for a dog of her own – until she met Max. When we were desperate for fosters, Linda agreed to take Max until space became available, but instead fell head over heals for him. Now called Maddox, they make a great team and RMCR gets to share yet another short success story about a rescued dog and a proud foster failure.

Happy Tales

Heidi’s Happy Home

Barb and Mike with Katie and Heidi

Heidi came to us from Utah where this youngster was found as a matted messy stray. Her ears were so painfully infected that she didn’t want us to touch her head when we groomed her the first time. Heidi’s little head has a permanent tilt to it perhaps because of chronic ear infections; however, the infections are cleared up now and she is as healthy as they come. Mike and Barb fell in love with her pictures on our website and could hardly wait to add to her their family. Heidi adopted this wonderful couple and their dog, Katie, so she will have a fur-ever family of her own to love and kiss for many years to come.

Happy Tales

Casey’s Happy Tale

Tom and Shirl with Casey

 When Casey came to us as a stray from Utah, he was terribly matted and filthy, but just as friendly as could be. That sweet personality and good house manners won the hearts of both his foster mom and dad from the start. When Tom and Shirl applied to adopt him, it was clear they would be the perfect parents who could offer him a great life, but that didn’t make it any easier for his foster parents to let him go! Casey loved Tom and Shirl immediately and settled into their mountain home as if he had lived there his entire life. The best part is that the foster parents have visiting rights! Casey, we hope to see lots of you in the years to come!