Bella Rose

Bella Rose is really a powerful vacuum cleaner instead of a cute innocent year old puppy dog. We were not sure that we would keep her after she found her owner’s hearing aids on the floor. She was gentle with them knowing their value and caused only minimal damage. It was not her fault. How would she know that humans sometimes need help hearing when her own hearing is so acute under those soft silky ears?

Bella Rose wakes up to play and to bring joy to her owners. Her favorite toy is her monkey. (We have two just in case she loses one).

She would love to play with her feline sister Josephina, but kitty remains the alpha and does not want stinky dog breath on her. Some day they will be friends because Bella makes friends with everyone she meets.

The Cocker Spaniel Rescue thinks she is a Cavalier and the vet thinks she is a cocker. I bet she is both.

She went through a teenage pregnancy and lost one of her pups who was named Bella. We named her Bella Rose. How could you not fall for a beautiful, intelligent, great huntress of birds and rabbits!

– by Bruce and Mary