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Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue were so responsive, professional and friendly in finding the right new doggy member for our family. I thought they were very thorough in making sure their dogs were going to a good loving home and that the fit between the dog and family members was right.  Everyone from the foster home care, to the admin staff were nothing but a pleasure to interact with.  They made the adoption process fun and memorable. I was very impressed with the weekly post- adoption calls I received to make sure everything was going well and that Bentley was transitioning into our family smoothly.  It was so nice having someone follow-up in that way, it really shows how much they care about the dogs. Superior care and superior service from this organization.

– Rajiv & Gargi Agarwala, Greenwood Village, CO


Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue is a wonderful organization run completely by dedicated volunteers. They took the time to find my family the perfect dog.  They came to our house to make sure it was safe for a dog, to meet us and to match us with the right dog. They answered many follow up questions and helped us every step of the way. He was the first dog my husband and I ever had and he is the greatest addition to our family. We had tried other shelters but they seemed to just care about placing the dogs out. RMCR cared about placing the dogs in the right home! We are forever grateful.

– Debbie Brinley and family, Owners of “Max”


Not only does RMCR rescue dogs whose family no longer wants them, they also accept the less desirables, such as those with behavior issues. They spend tireless hours working to make them more adoptable, therefore giving the dog a happier outlook on life. They also continue to provide support after the adoption to ensure a smooth transition for both the dog and new family. Their care and concern is truly about the dog.

– David A


When my beloved Cocker Spaniel, Misty, left this world due to breast cancer, my husband & I were very upset, to say the least.  I began looking into rescue dogs up for adoption, and I came across Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue.  One of the best days ever, as the president of RMCR was very easy to get in touch with & I let them know that I was interested in a Cocker Spaniel puppy.  Within 2 ½ weeks, we received an email with pictures of this cute red Cocker with a tail!  I knew we would adopt that sweet girl and she’s now ensconced in our family.  Her name is Katy & she was in excellent health, a little rough around the edges (she’s all kisses & loving now), but just as she was described to us.  I highly recommend Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue, as I’ve stayed in touch with them & tell everyone I know, this is the place to go if they’re interested in a Cocker Spaniel.  I will continue to support RMCR & regard them very highly in furry friends adoption!  This is an extremely worthy cause as they take such excellent care of even the dogs who are not yet adopted.  I will always be grateful to RMCR.

– Andrea Stone


We love Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue because they provide a second chance for Cocker Spaniels that would otherwise have been handed a death sentence.  The animals are well cared for and loved by one of the organizations volunteers until they are placed in a loving forever home.  Unlike the Dumb Friends League or other shelters, the RMCR discriminates in who they will allow to adopt a dog.  The reason is that RMCR is all about a successful adoption and will not allow a dog to go to just anyone.  The home is inspected by a trained volunteer to ensure it is a safe environment for the dog, the adopter is also interviewed to ensure they understand the proper way to care for these animals, understand their needs, and agree to the terms that will ensure a successful adoption.  No dog is left behind regardless of age or physical disabilities.

– The Kluber Family, Highlands Ranch, CO


My wife and I have been volunteering with the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue since fall on 2010. In that time, we have fostered about 30 dogs, all who have been successfully placed in Forever Homes. While it is tough to give up a dog who has been part of your family for months, the joy you see in the faces of their new family is satisfaction enough.

Through volunteering at adoption events, we have come in contact with hundreds of rescues Cockers. Some of these dogs not only become part of the family, they become a sort of mascot and symbol of why we do what we do. A perfect example of this is Tater Tot. When he came to the rescue, he was a senior dog and grossly overweight. The fat pads on his rear hips were so extreme that, if you looked at him from the rear, he looked like a mushroom. Tater spent over a year in the rescue. He was a part of our ‘team’ at the events on the west side of town. During that time, he was able to shed most of his weight and become a healthy, happy dog. When, out of the blue, he was suddenly adopted, we were all ecstatic and devastated at the same time. When Tater died a year later, it was like losing a family member.

The RMCR is a wonderful group filled with incredible people who give there all for the dogs we rescue. The number of dogs we are able to save is remarkable. It is a joy to talk to the adopter’s weeks and months down the road and hear the sheer joy and love they have for their pups.

– Tim & Heather Russ


I think the Bumper Sticker says it best. “Who rescued who?”  I wanted a little older dog that I did not have to be house trained. Buddy fit that bill and more. A year after I adopted Buddy, I lost my job, and was in and out of the hospital for months. It was rough, but Buddy was always there. I believe he speeded up my recovery by needing to take him for walks. At first they were short, but increased as my stamina grew. We both needed the exercise. Plus, he is kind of funny and quirky which gives me a laugh or smile daily.

– Glenn


I work with over 20 different rescues, but RMCR is by far one that stands out from the rest. Everyone is so passionate about the breed and finding them the perfect forever homes. RMCR truly goes above and beyond rescue, they are a family and with family comes love and understanding. I am proud to be a part of the RMCR family.

– Sarah Hite 


I have been volunteering for the RMCR since March 2011 after adopting my dog Callie.  I was so impressed with the organization’s commitment and philosophy of rescuing Cocker Spaniels of all ages and medical conditions that I was compelled to volunteer.

The personal commitment made by the Founder, officers and volunteers of the rescue is impressive to say the least.  They offer their own personal financial support to keep the rescue going, often times foregoing vacations and personal time to care and rehab our Cockers. I have observed that some place our dogs before their own personal financial needs.  That is the commitment that is undeniably worthy of any help to support the valiant efforts of rescuing God’s most precious creatures who cannot help themselves.

In short, the RMCR embodies commitment, integrity, character and love for a purpose greater than ourselves.

– Liz Koury-Pestinger, Proud RMCR Volunteer


As I write, Ladybug sleeps next to me, snoring gently.  Her front paw and her shoulder stump both twitch when she sleeps, some memory of being four legged rising in her dreaming.  She has been such a joy to us.  She came from South Florida where she was hit in traffic, rescued by a woman there who paid for the amputation of Ladybug’s front right leg.  But this woman was herself struggling with a terminal illness and contacted RMCR to put her up for adoption.  I committed to her sight unseen, and RMCR moved heaven and earth to get the little dog to Denver.  They paid for her vetting, put me up overnight in a home so I could meet Ladybug’s plane, and smoothed the adjustment process.  Their professionalism, competence, and their kindness made this adoption possible.  We are so grateful for Ladybug.  We are equally grateful for RMCR.

– Carolyn Metzler, Albuquerque, NM


Feb 2, 2014, we got Bimbi, a black and tan six year old Cocker. Turns out her birthday was Feb 1st!  But having her has been a constant Birthday for us. She is so cuddly and so cute and has been a real hit with my husband who suffers from MS. Bimbi has brought so much joy to our lives and she is so friendly with other people and dogs that she is a real hit in the neighborhood.   My husband and I both wonder, who rescued whom? Cockers RULE!

– Brinah White


I am a retired U.S. Government civil servant, and I have spent almost my whole life doing work that depended on political decisions and whims.  When I retired, I was thrilled at the prospect of being totally in charge of my decisions.  I searched high and low to find a charity I could devote myself to.

I started by helping Maxfund, a no-kill shelter in downtown Denver.  They were very worthy, but I was not included in any part of their management and they did not see me as anything other than a dog walker and cat helper.

I moved on to the Humane Society of the South Platte Valley in Englewood, Colorado, and also walked dogs and helped with the cats. Since it was near my home, it worked out well. Also, I was able to help out with a somewhat deeper involvement, which is what I wanted.

Then, I discovered Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. I learned that they would actually foster dogs rather than keep them in cages.  These rescued dogs would get groomed, get medical care, and would be taught the social graces that would make them very adoptable. These graces included getting along with other dogs and children, learning to walk on a leash, becoming potty trained, and other things that people want in a pet.

I started by working adoption events, then becoming an Event Lead, then helping with home checks and transport.  I soon met incoming dogs from out of state that were scared, and I enjoyed walking them, giving them treats, and making them feel both comfortable and loved as I delivered them to their foster home where they would receive even more love and care.

Soon, I was put in charge of setting up events, working with the volunteers, and many other duties that are needed in a rescue.  I am now a Board Member and am fully in charge of all event and volunteer issues.  My title is Human Resources Director, and I am proud to be a volunteer with Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue.

Without Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue, many Cocker Spaniels would be euthanized in shelters or put in cages.  Cocker Spaniels do not do well in cages, so RMCR is truly their savior.  Because we take care of these dogs and treat all of their medical problems, RMCR is continually running short of funds.

I know that the average medical expense is more than the adoption fee.  We do fundraisers and we get donations, but more funding would mean more dogs could be helped.  We can find foster homes, but every now and then we must turn down a dog because we know we cannot handle the medical expense.  This causes us grief, because we mourn every dog we cannot help.

Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue is the most dog-caring rescue I have ever encountered.  We have only one creed, and that is to help Cocker Spaniels by helping them to find their forever home.

– Andrea Behr, HR Director, Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue


I met Kathryn in July of 2011 when she contacted us about providing care for her rescue. When she inquired in great detail about our services, policies and procedures it was clear what her goals were: to find a veterinarian who will make sure these abandoned animals are treated and cared for in the manner that they deserve. So when she asked if we would provide discounted services to get the job done, we were much obliged to fulfill this request. We assured Kathryn that we will treat these animals like we do everyone else, with care, compassion and a gentle touch. At that time I did not know just how strong this relationship would grow.

Since the opening of the rescue, Kathryn and her husband Mike, Suzette Compton and many other volunteers and fosters have devoted their lives and pocketbooks to saving these precious pets from being stuck in a shelter to die alone or be euthanized from illness, disease and overcrowding. This rescue is like none I’ve ever known. We work with over 10 different rescue groups and they don’t even come close to providing the type of care this rescue does. When it comes to working up medical cases they are willing to do whatever is necessary for that dog to have a good quality of life. Many rescues or shelters will put these animals down and never give them a chance.

These people don’t rescue for money or for the publicity of doing a good deed. They do it because they don’t know how to live life not doing it. Their hearts and souls are poured into these pets every single day and the work they’ve done is remarkable.

We have truly been blessed to work with such an amazing group of people. It is unbelievable to see such selfless acts of kindness. We feel very honored to be part of something so special.

– Dr. Monique Weldon and the staff at Loving Family Animal Hospital


We adopted the most wonderful Cocker Spaniel with the help of the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue.   We were matched perfectly with what we wanted in a dog and what we adopted.   Their assistance was outstanding!

– Cyndi and Wayne Adams,  Casper, WY


We went through a very tough year in 2012, with losing our 13 year old Golden Retriever on February 15th.  My husband Darrell had emergency open heart surgery just barely a month later.  He had many complications, including bleeding of the brain, leading to a stroke that left him with little memory and cognitive skills.  He finally returned home 65 days after his surgery and with some rehabilitation, he was able to remember most everything, walk some and re-learned how to read.  He became very frustrated and depressed during this time and I knew that he missed and needed the love of a dog again.

We adopted our little Emmylou on August 2, 2012. She has been a true blessing to our family. With her loving ways, she brought her daddy out of his deep depression.  I was so impressed with the way that RMCR did their adoption process to insure that they had a good match for their cockers that I wanted to be part of their organization.  I started volunteering at their adoption events that summer.  I was later was asked to take the position of Placement Coordinator that next spring, which led to being the Placement Director, a position now hold.

Being a part of RMCR is very important to me, as I have personally seen the cockers come into our rescue broken in spirit and many needing some very serious medical attention.  We have rehabilitated them, tending to their needs both mentally and physically before they go to their forever homes.  Our staff, fosters and volunteers are all dedicated to seeing these cockers get the very best care and treated very much like our own cockers that we own.  We have a great system for transporting, intake, evaluating, vetting, fostering and finding them the very best home that we can for them.  I truly feel that RMCR is like family to me!

–Carolyn Pittman, RMCR Placement Director


A few months back, I had been looking for a new dog to replace my wonderful cocker spaniel that I had recently lost.

I received a call from my vet, who stated that she had the most wonderful little cocker spaniel girl in her office.  Angel had either been lost or a stray and had apparently been on the street for a while. She was picked up by the Adams County Animal Control, and then had been turned over to the wonderful people at Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue.  When Cocker Rescue got her, she was in pretty bad shape, and had a lot of mammary tumors.  They were advised that it wasn’t a good scenario, and Cocker Rescue took this wonderful girl as a hospice case, trying to give her a wonderful life for what appeared to be a very short time.  Cocker Rescue had taken her to my vet for treatment, and she insisted that she wanted to try to do surgery to save this little girl.

When my vet called, I was skeptical, as I was still getting over the loss of my previous dog, but my vet had no concerns.  We went to the vet’s office to visit, and found this wonderful, wiggly little cocker spaniel wearing a pink polka dot baby onesie (to keep her from scratching on the 14 inches of stitches on her tummy).  We immediately fell in love with her, and adopted her right away.  A few weeks later, when all of our stitches were out, our little Angel was able to actually move into our home.  She has a brother and sister Shih-tsu, and they all get along famously.  You would think this little one has been in the house her entire life!  What a wonderful addition to our family.  She likes to sit on her daddy’s lap, sleep on the bed, and share snacks.

If it weren’t for the wonderful people and volunteers at the Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue, this little girl might not have received the medical treatment she needed, or the second chance at life that she deserved.  They took the extra time and energy to save a little wonderful dog in need, and took a chance.

–Holly and Mark Oksendahl


We love our new dog, Grover that we received from Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue. The process was so fast and so easy. We had our dog within a week after filling out our application. Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue was easy to work with. They obviously care about EVERY dog who comes to them.  We are so grateful for our new furry friend.

–Roberta Linkow


RMCR enriched our family!

I previously had a cocker spaniel from Atlanta.  He was my best friend for 13 years but we lost him to inoperable cancer in 2007.  It was a year before we could get another dog.  Fearing we would compare any new dog to him, we got a beagle.  He is loving and very precocious.  It was obvious he needed a friend so we decided to find him a “sister.”

We decided to contact the RMCR.  They were incredibly professional and thorough.  The effort by these volunteers to work on a true match for both the dog and the family was impressive.  I actually worked with 3 separate volunteers to find this perfect addition to our family.  They visited our house and visited with our family.  I cannot fully express my appreciation for the effort they made to find a great match.  It is not about finding any home for the dog – it is about finding the right, safe and loving home for the dog.  These animals have often been through so much and they deserve the best homes.  RMCR volunteers are all about doing the right things for the animals and it is great!  They expend the time and energy into what is in the dog’s best interest.

Bella (f/k/a Lulu – and she is not a “Lulu”) was terribly malnourished.  It was 3 months before the foster family and RMCR thought she could even be considered for adoption.  But they were willing to let our family (and Tiger the beagle) meet her at an adoption event.  They were instant friends.  The day we brought Bella home – she made herself an instant part of the family.  She and Tiger cuddle together daily.  Bella usually lets Tiger think he is the Alpha, but when he oversteps his bounds he knows it, he stops what he is doing and licks her eyes.

Bella is truly our little princess.  We tell her so every day and now, almost 4 years later, she acts as if she knows it.  She is a beautiful and loving dog that deserved a home where she is adored and appreciated it.  If it wasn’t for RMCR, its volunteers and its efforts, we never would have found her.  They do what needs to be done for every dog that they find.  Their volunteers work selflessly for these little bundles of unconditional love.

Thank you for all you do!

–Karen Wasson, mom of Bella Wasson


Rich & I adopted Charlie from RMCR 3 years ago . We had another cocker, Sadie, who was the Love of our lives. Sadie made us cocker spaniel lovers. We had to have Sadie put to sleep in August; our hearts still ache. We’re so grateful to have our Charlie now. He was good with Sadie.
–Rich and Michele Delk


I started with Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue in Feb 2011 by fostering a wonderful old guy named Tater Tot. At first I thought, “Oh great, give me the old fat guy”, but let me tell you, this precious boy made me a champion of Seniors, RMCR and all of the people who volunteer and run our wonderful organization.

He was my little tot and the best boy one could ever have as a foster.

While it is very tough to give up a dog who has been part of your family for months, the excitement you see in the faces of their new family is satisfaction enough and knowing that every step possible was taken to find that dog just the right home and Family. When those families keep you updated and sending you photos, it is all the more rewarding.

I continue every day to be impressed with the organization’s commitment and philosophy of rescuing Cocker Spaniels of all ages and medical conditions.

But mostly I am in awe of the love everyone has for each and every dog, no matter their circumstances or health. They are deserving of a wonderful life and family. Each dog takes a little piece of us with them whether they go to the Rainbow Bridge or are adopted, yet that piece is renewed with next sweet face that needs our help.

We adopted our beautiful Meikia from RMCR in July 2012. She was found to have severe heart problems that could not be addressed and we lost her in early March 2014. It has been the hardest thing we have ever gone through. She was chosen for us a reason.

The support, love and companionship of the volunteers and the other foster dogs needing so much love and care is what keeps us going through the grief. She was a furry little person, smart, sensitive and joyful.

Continuing to volunteer for RMCR is our way of memorializing Meikia and we do it because the kind of girls she was. If she could have spoken, she would have said, “Share the love and my home; do it for me”.

I have learned so much from this wonderful organization and the amazing people we have helping save Cocker lives.

I am truly blessed by Him.

–Linda & Dean Parker (Linda is RMCR’s Intake Director)


We adopted our wonderful little dog Toby from Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue 2 1/2 years ago. Working with RMCR was a great experience. We knew that we wanted to adopt a Cocker Spaniel as they are such a loyal & loving dog. At the time we were looking there were several dogs on the website. We looked at each & every one that we thought was a good match for us. RMCR patiently answered all of our questions about the dogs & their “stories”.

It took a short time until Toby was posted on the website. When we saw him we knew he was the dog for us! He  took right to us on his home visit & has been a permanent family member ever since.

RMCR made adopting such a pleasant experience with all of their knowledge & caring members.

Thanks to them we have a terrific dog forever!!!


A very happy family


I am writing this in support of, I’m sure one of the very best dog rescue organizations in the State of Colorado, ROCKY MOUNTAIN COCKER RESCUE!
I lost my Cocker Spaniel in 2010 and immediately rescued another one. At that time, I learned a lot about rescues and how they changed the lives of many dogs and people.  I decided that I wanted to help, so I signed up with Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue, and have never looked back! In being involved, I see many other rescues and how they operate. In comparison, this organization is tops!  RMCR is well organized, spends whatever is necessary on vet bills to get a neglected and/or sick dog as healthy as possible. They prepare these cockers to be adopted and give them the best chance to do so. They fund raise like crazy so they, in some cases, can literally save the dog’s life. RMCR provides loving foster homes, that have been checked out thoroughly, then matches the dog up with the best possible home that fits their circumstance and personality for their adoption. RMCR investigates all aspects of a potential adopter to make sure the dog and the adopter are a match. RMCR sets the situation up for success!
RMCR intakes dogs from many other states, as well as all parts of Colorado, and I feel that Colorado is really lucky to have RMCR and all their volunteers in their State!

–Debra L. Schriener


Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue organization has a huge heart.  Helping and caring for the surrendered and discarded is what they do so well in this day and age of throwaways! They donate their time and talents to bring a better life to these loving animals and find them a forever home.  Thank you for helping me find my Buddy!

–Cynthia McGann and Buddy (aka A.J.)  


I cherish my association with RMCR, not only because I became connected with my loving and delightful little dog, but also because this is the most delightful group of volunteers I have ever met.  Their passion for the cause of rescuing Cocker Spaniels is exemplary, they demonstrate ethical values and compassion in all they do, and most of all, I am impressed with their obvious love and connection for each other.  To join this group of volunteers is to be surrounded in friendship.

–Elaine Blackmer, Volunteer


Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue is an amazing organization. I tell you this wholeheartedly from the perspective of an adopter of two of the sweetest cocker spaniels on the face of the earth and as a RMCR volunteer. RMCR cares deeply about every cocker rescued and finds a way to help them become healthy, trusting, and confident! The hearts of the people involved in every aspect of RMCR (from the smallest volunteer to the president of the organization) overflow with care, love, and genuine concern for every cocker in their care. Follow up calls weekly and then monthly for six months give adopters the support they need and ensure our pups are truly in their forever home with people who can’t imagine life without them. Thank you from my heart and soul RMCR!!!!

–Karen Varsolona


Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue is an extremely important organization that helps to secure happy and healthy homes for those dogs that are in need!

– Cheryl, Denver, CO


It’s now been a little over two and a half years since RMCR brought my beautiful Chester into my family’s lives, and to fully express my thanks and gratitude here, in just a matter of words, is just about impossible. But I’ll give it a try. Really it all boils down to one word: LOVE. Ideally, you covet “win-win” situations in life. RMCR pet adoption embodies  that better than anything I know. Maybe more of us could experience the joy and fulfillment of caring for, or saving, a dog and find out, what I did, that it’s the pet who may really save you. That’s WIN-WIN. That’s a beautiful thing. That’s LOVE. And that’s something we could all use more of.

– Jim Volkman, Centennial, CO 80016


Sundance adopted us in 2010 when we met him at a RMCR adoption event.   He was a stray from a nearby state, left to fend for himself before he was even  1 year old.  He is a wonderful addition to our family, full of endless  love, and he is a very special companion to my 16 yr old Cocker, Madison,  also a rescue dog.  The work that RMCR does to rescue, foster, and rehab  these Cockers, with the ultimate goal of placing them in their forever homes, is  just amazing.  Many of their rescues have extensive health issues, many  could be considered “elderly;” regardless, RMCR strives to ensure the  best Quality of life experience for all their rescues, without  prejudice to those who have health issues or may be living  out their senior years.  Every life is a life worth saving and  the dedication of the Board, as well as the volunteers who support RMCR, makes a  HUGE difference in the lives of many!

Kelly, aka Mom of Madison  and Sundance