A Letter from Lady

Dear Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue,

Wow! How much things have changed for J.T. and I.

At the end of August, we were adopted. We now have a loving dad, mom, and a cool new brother. J.T. and I never thought we would think a cat is cool but our brother, Mr. Pas is way cool. J.T. even kissed his face and he was okay with that. I think he may even have liked it. Weird huh?

What is more wonderful than our new brother is our new parents. Our Dad and Mom give us tons of love everyday. They tell us all the time how glad they are that J.T. and I have become part of the family. Even after J.T. and I have had a couple of accidents in the living room and the dining room. Our Mom just cleaned it up, showed us where we are suppose to go, and gave us cookies when we went in the right spots. Most of all, she hugged us and told us she still loves us.  J.T. and I know where to go and where not to go now so it’s all good.

Our parents take great care of us. They not only give us lots of love, they feed us awesome food, take us for walks, and let us sleep on their bed with them. Boy, it’s so warm and comfy. Best of all, my Dad plays with us. He makes the light come up for me so I can chase it. I don’t know how he does it but I chase that light all over the place. I can never seem to get it though. It always disappears. I have fun watching Dad play catch with J.T. to. Boy can J.T. run fast and he has so much energy. We keep our new parents busy but J.T. and I know they love it by the huge smiles on their faces.

J.T. and I both agree that we have been so blessed to have become a part of such a wonderful family. We couldn’t be any happier. Thank you Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue for everything you did for us and finding us such an awesome home.