A Happy Tale Note from Lucy

Lucy outside her new home

I came to my new home July 10th 2012.  There were lots of things for me to explore.   Since I live in a dog friendly neighborhood, there are a lot of friends looking at me and wagging their tails when we meet.  I get frequent walks.  I get to go to the Pearl St farmers market on Sunday mornings seeing lots of other friends.  I have gone to Washington Park and walked a lot, rolling in the grass, meeting other pooches, sometimes barking at them.

Last weekend I went to the mountains and rode in the enclosed gondola up to the top where there was all kinds of action going on.  I sat in Bens lap all the way up and down.  Lots of people stopped to look at me saying that I was so cute.  Children petted me.  I was pooped out when we came home, but managed to watch Harry Potter in Ben’s lap.

I just got groomed and I smell nice.  Some of my poodle fur was trimmed so at least I could feel good during the hot days.

At nights I go and get Ben and Cheryl’s shoes to keep them at my bedside.  My bed has squeaky toys along with a rawhide bone for comfort.  I often harbor and hide their shoes and then I bring out each shoe when I know I am going to leave for a walk.  I have not seen the winter boots/shoes yet.

All in all, I am having fun!  I wake up each day, wanting to play, eating and getting treats following Ben and Cheryl from room to room.

I am very happy in my new home!